Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Techincal Difficulties

Hey there, this is Joanna's brain. It's almost 3:30 am. Why she is up - even she doesn't have the answer to that one. She actually wrote a post but for some reason Blogger isn't letting her post it. She's getting really steamed. She tried it a few different times. No luck. And as wacky as she has been today, it's probably best not to push it.

It may be a good thing because it's just well, classic disturbing Joanna style post. Wonder if she'll post it when reason comes back to say you might want to rethink that one.

Who knows with her.

But I'm thinking probably not.

She has noticed that lately a bunch of anonymous comments that link to other places have been popping up like crazy. Smells a bit like spam.

While going through older posts she found a few here and there tacked on in the comments. To that she says not cool. And as her brain, I would have to agree with her. Go pee in your own pool thankyouverymuch. If I, or my InterPeeps, want to read your article about the perky peeper - we'll google it. Not need to to bother the 5 people that read this blog.

Hopefully we'll get this resolved in a timely matter.

Sorry for any delays that this might cause - but even I am feeling a bit brain dead. Bwahaha! Sort of brain humor there. Oh dear, I'm starting to get slap happy and I'm the calm one - level headed even. *snicker* couldn't help myself.


Kerri said...

You are a goofball!!

rthling said...

I've been getting spam comments, too.
What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. I hope I don't get spam comments anytime soon...or ever. And I just hate when Blogger screws around and doesn't let you post what you've just spent half an hour writing. That gets so aggravating. Better luck next time.

Dianne said...

geez how bad and unread does your blog have to be that you cant even get spam comments? i feel so lonely...