Monday, January 25, 2010

To Bludgeon Or Not To Bludgeon

Oh the angst! All on my side. It's time to do a grocery list, k? Do you think the walking stomachs would be much help? Noo. Would the picky one that gags at most of what I make come up with stuff that he is willing to eat? Nooo. Does dear Hubby come up with something to help me out? Heck no! Matter of fact, he was a bit miffed that I dared to bug him about it.

I'm thinking of fork stabbing them all in the middle of the night.

Nothing gruesome or anything. Just take a fork and give them each a poke and declare them done and ready to eat. Then claim I was sleep cooking because they bug me for food all.the.time!!!

Revenge is a dish best served cold as the saying goes. I bet a man came up with that one cuz you know a woman is going to serve it up hot, fresh, and right now.

So I've had to pester the boys what they are in the mood for - chicken, hamburger, what? They said yes to all. But when I start to list stuff, I get an eh to everything. But when I tell them I quit and I refuse to cook any more they act like I just announced the end of the world.

I watched as the older 2 polished off dinner, as in fought over the last bite. Then later ask for a snack, a cup of hot cocoa and anything else they could get their hands on. We've noticed that J will stock up on the stuff he likes that way he's sure to survive his hungry strike. Good gravy! Momma did not say there would be days like this, just so you know. Y'all might have had smarter mommas, but my mom has left a few details out.

Not that I'm bitter.

Any more.

Although the last time I did talk to her she was saying how horrible my brother was at this age. I about dropped the phone. To hear a negative word about the golden child - well color me shocked. She did say she doesn't envy me and wonders how I'm surviving. I think I'm now skert because I'm not sure this is surviving.

Oh, I kid. I have awesome boys. They just like to eat. J's feet are almost as big as mine. Mark my words, that one is going to end up over 6ft. I have a feeling this summer they are all going to shoot up.

I was complaining to Kerri that I have been freaking out that next year is high school and that the twins are 4 years away from being adults. I really got hit with a devotional that said to enjoy people where they are at today. Lately, I have been so focused on the next 4 years that I feel that I've been in teacher mode a bit much, then slip back into mom mode only to jump over to hey you, pick that up mode.

Am I really enjoying my kids? Right now where they are at? Regardless of how much of their stuff is done?

That would be a no. (hangs head in shame)

I have mentioned a time or 20 that I can't juggle. I can multi-task, I can have several things going on at once. But there are days I feel like I'm missing the point. I'm not homeschooling because I think I can teach math better than the pros. Far from it. We felt to do this to keep our family together.

My brother was a pain. We were raised to be better than where he is at right now. That freaks me out and I wonder am I doing enough. I was in tears about this in prayer and had God tell me good gravy Joanna take a chill pill!

What? Like I'm the only one that spazes out when they pray? And then had to have a time out? Truth be told, I waited too long to take the burden to God so by the time I'm prying my hands off of it - well you just know it's a mess. Or I'm a mess. Maybe a bit of both.

I had someone say this in an email. "We skip things daily that could be life changing in our lives or someone elses but we are sure to have the laundry done. I was just thinking this morning about my relationship with my daughter and how I would tell myself "no I don't have time for you, I have this that and the other that needs to be done before I give you my undivided attention." I was comparing that thought to our relationship with God and our relationship with others. I feel like I never live my day to the fullest because I am too busy to make an impact, to live out daily what I am here to accomplish."

I would like to give her credit for it BUT no one wants their name mentioned on my blog. People ask for code names. It's like my blog is some dirty, guilty secret no one wants to know about. So thanks Nasty Girl (don't look at me, I don't come up with them). I have to agree with you that we get caught up getting our check list done that we forget to enjoy where we are at and who we are with.

We're doing a bible study and it said about Martha vs Mary that Martha forgot who's presence she was in. Wonder if that will help me keep it together? Ah, perspective how you often show up late.

*Sigh* Ok, I'm not going to fork stab them. They have no idea how close they came. But I may need intervention if they don't help with the groceries.


Kerri said...

I was reading a blog this morning about a woman who at 20 weeks pregnant found out that unless God intervened, her child would not medically survive. As Ifinished her story, I ran into the living room to hug all over Jacob. I'm sobbing and hugging and kissing him and telling him how much I love him... Oh my WORD how can we get so caught up in CRAP and forget THE most precious, profound, perfect things in our lives!

Signing off to go grab my child again.

Joanna B said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! You are hilarious, and I am looking forward to following along with you.

Kaye Butler said...

Great post. I say salt and pepper them and dig in....LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Believe it or not....girls eat ALOT too. MM wanted 4 chicken sandwhiches this afternoon at sonic