Friday, January 15, 2010

Wild Night At The Old Inn

So here it is, Friday night, and I am blissfully playing away with my new toy. All while a Nerf war is going on. Hubs keeps telling me to try the web cam but I'm not sure if I'm ready for the techie awesomeness just yet. I'm not sure y'all are ready for me live and in color.

Most people need meds for that experience. I try to make sure I have made some form of awesome goodness so people will put up with me. For the most part it works.

I wasn't able to post last night because I goofed off until about 5 am the night before and last night I got to go see a movie. The movie was It's Complicated. Oh gracious was it ever! Best line from it was "I see you've stopped getting a bikini wax - you've gone native." I think I laughed so hard I snorted my popcorn - out of my nose.

My nose still sort of burns.

By the time I got home I was too tired and all I could think was big happy sigh.

Makes for a boring blog post just so you know. Granted it doesn't stop me but it just seems so wrong to have a blog post that says - happy sigh - the end. I could almost picture a few of you screaming that's it???

Oohh! Jared took another nut shot. I'm thinking I will be going to the dollar store for some cheap hot pads. My future grandchildren may be at stake. Hope dude gets better at guarding.

Been a rough day for him. He poked himself in the eye with his pencil this evening. Clearing the table and bam right in the eye. Part of me wanted to smack him as it ranks right up there with the dumbest thing I've seen. Thankfully the gosh I'm a concern Mom rushed in before the evil Mom could hand him his lunch. Some days the evil Mom is faster out of the gate.

I think that's why we keep her locked up with chocolate so the nice part has a chance to get there first.

I can tell his eye is scratched. Every place I called for an eye doc was already closed for the day. When Nicholas did this when he was 4, they told me not much can be done. Give the eye a rest for a couple days and don't rub the eye. I got him an eye patch. I'll look at it in the morning and see if the Wal-Mart eye doctor will get him in.

Oooo Nicholas took a shot right in the lip! Oh! He popped around the corner and tagged his Dad right in the nose. That's gotta hurt! Ah revenge from the J! He just unleashed the thunder on them. Crazy guys.

Just so you know - Hershey has a new Raspberry Hugg. It's white chocolate with a raspberry chocolate center. Wonder how long it will take the guys to notice what I'm eating? Hopefully never as I'm sneaking it to keep the evil Mom at bay.

Eww nose shot on Nicholas! Michael just did a taunt with a butt wiggle and a snarky comment.

I bet you wished you were here, huh?

What's that? No?? I don't blame you. I just had to yell that they were getting the darts too close to the Mom-ster. Sort of like monster - only with power as I have all the chocolate.

I'm thinking this eye patch sort of gives J a hardcore look about him. He just got the drop on Michael and said "Dodge this." I'm thinking that was for the booty shake.

The carnage is looking pretty fierce. Darts everywhere and the bull is getting thick. I wonder if I can get a Motrin shoved into a Hershey's Kiss. Chocolate covered pain killer. It's cheaper than crack.


rthling said...

I'm sorry, but I have this image of you speaking calmly to the Hershey hug while slowly sliding a Motrin suppository up its @$$.
I cannot stop laughing.
There are tears rolling down my cheeks.

Joanna said...

I am pounding the table just laughing like a horse!!! That was totally awesome!! Bwhaha *wipes tears off face* you made my day. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you are a hoot! I couldn't stop laughing. :D As for 'It's Complicated,' I haven't seen it, but my favorite line from the previews is when Meryl Streep says, "Turns out, I'm a bit of a slut." Just the way she says it makes me bust out laughing EVERY time.

Julie said...

It sounds like the boys are enjoying those nerf darts just a little too much! *rofl*

Kerri said...

Cheaper than crack. Snort.
Too funny!
Oh gosh I just read the comments...
Motrin suppository...Bwahhh {snort}