Monday, February 8, 2010

Did You Enjoy It?

Football. I can't say I'm a huge fan but I have watched a few games. Nothing to the degree my mom does. The woman is obsessed. Growing up my mom ruled the TV for one thing and one thing only - football. Once that was done basketball took over but that's a different story. I still remember my mom doing the ironing, drinking a glass of wine, all while watching Monday night football. Classy! She never burned a shirt so whatever works.

Sundays were pretty predictable. Go to church, go out to eat for lunch, come home and do nothing to bother my parents while they slept/watch football. And don't even think of changing the channel because one of them would wake up and claim they were watching it. Yeah, okay whatever.

Now that I'm the parent, my Sunday attitude is to throw the remote at the kids so they'll be distracted enough for me to get the nap.

When I was a kid I thought it was horribly boring. I would listen to the grown-ups talk about their favorite teams. I usually rooted for the ball because I knew it was going to win and everyone wanted it. I thought this was rather brilliant to root for the most wanted thing until I watched in horror as the football was spiked. Strike that.

As I got older, and people became aware of my mad skillz with the food, we got invited to Superbowl parties. I could care less about the game, I was just there for the food and the people. We were actually at my parents house when the whole wardrobe malfunction went down. Thankfully the kids weren't in the room.

The boys are now older and all of the sudden like to watch it. But the thing they have discovered is it's an excuse for the snacking. Oh the snacking! I'm almost ashamed of myself at how much I ate. At least I would have until I watched the boys eat. I still can't believe how much cheese stuff we ate. I'm just glad we had no witness to all of this.

We had picked up a specific snack for each of us and what snack do you think they all wanted? Ours. Never fails. Whatever we get, suddenly the boys think we were holding out on them and want to try some. Then they declare it the most wonderful thing in the world and just new we were hiding something. Lord knows I live just to make their lives rotten (rolls eyes). I think their plan was to eat all of our stuff that way they save their stuff knowing we won't touch it. I think their Dad may do it just for spite.

We may be having a war of the food.

So sad and so wrong on so many levels.

They say you can tell where your heart is by what you spend your money on. Ours clearly is with food. *sigh* But it was really good!

To show you the love affair we seem to have with food - the guys rooted for the Colts BECAUSE Manning was in an Oreo commercial!! I'm not sure why, but Jared changed sides and started rooting for the Saints in the 1st quarter. We asked him why and he said he had a feeling about them. Dude! He called that one.

He did crack up laughing at the half time show. He said the one guy was missing a few buttons on his shirt and was getting rather worried all the buttons would pop off. Is this the new wardrobe malfunction? Old man bellybutton? That may have been just as scarring as Janet's bewb.

We got to cracking jokes that I sort of choked on my drink from laughing. The boys asked if I would need oxygen and then informed me the lead singer looked like he needed it more. That got me laughing even harder. I think it was an evil ploy to get my snacks. They came real close when Michael declared the guy's scarf very unmanly. Just the dry way he said it got me laughing again. Luckily I was able to pull it together and kept my snacks.

I can't say the same about the Colts. The Saint's QB had enough time to comb his hair before throwing the pass. And the Colts should have squirted some glue on their gloves. But I got to say, the Saints played well so good for them.

All in all, we had a good lazy weekend. We ate way too much and played games with the boys. We also had some good talks with them and gave them a challenge on hearing from God this week. I'm interested to hear what they get.

So what was your favorite part of the weekend? Any fav commercials?


Young Wife said...

Ah, my foodie friend. Football season to me is a delightful time of food, food, food. It was a rough weekend for us. We didn't get to watch the superbowl, but I did make queso!

rthling said...

Yeah, Baby!
I have always cheered for the clock.
Go, clock, GO!!!
My favorite commercial was the Snickers one with Betty White. Still cracked me up today.

Jen said...

We need to have a snack night!! I liked the Dorito with the dog collar b/c I told John I was going to do that to him and now I have and idea what it would look.

Jen said...
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Julie said...

I've never watched a single game... But I'm all for the snacking! *lol*

Joanna said...

Jen - the mental picture is more than I can handle!! Did you see the one where the guy used them as throwing stars? Nice.