Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do You Wanna Know?

Oh the words and the tricky part of putting it all together to make any sense. At least to normal people anyway.

LOST - I've given up trying to figure out anything. I have decided to just buckle up and go for the ride knowing that this crazy thing will come to an end in a few months. I am concern that there may be a lot of swearing and pillow tossing on my part. Fake Locke, known as FLocke around here, sort of creeps me out but we now know who Smokey is.

But the beauty of it is I gave nothing away with that because we still don't know a blooming thing what that means or anything. I think I may just take an ice cream scoop to my brain and just set the ol' gal to the side.

I was a bit disappointed that Sawyer was in a funk and not his usual charming self. But then again, I'm in the same place. Come to momma where she can help ease your....where was I? Why are you looking at me like that??

blink, blink

So far I'm not liking it but I'm not hating it but I still think it's going to be a crazy ride. The boys asked if they could watch it. I told them it won't make any sense and if they value their very lives they won't utter one word. They watch the recap and the show without any injuries. We'll see if they come back next week when I hold the same threat.

I'm thinking this could be the new rule of the house. Maybe I can finally have that peace and quiet I hear about. Or not.

Monday night I was still battling the 'oh my word LOST is going to be on' that to distract myself I joined in on the latest Nerf war. Oh yes, I did. BUT I wouldn't shoot any of my children so who did that leave?

Is it wrong that the first surprise sucka shot I got off smack him square in the fact - and I laughed hysterically?

He didn't see it coming. But the look of 'oh, it's on' was truly priceless.

Personally, I think we needed the stress reliever. Sunday night I got a weird phone call from my FIL. He sort of went off on me about the whole bankruptcy thing. He doesn't agree with it and sort of blames me as I don't have a paying job. I also got lectured on a few other things. What a relief the master was able to set me straight on what it means to be a woman. (pause for the gag noise) Have I mentioned that he's stuck in the 50s, maybe even earlier, where he believes wife is Latin for slave?

That's sort of a kicker. Am I grateful for their help? Yes. Do I want my nose rubbed in it every single conversation? No. I think he's frustrated for us. At least that is what I tell myself so I don't hurt him. I know I freak my in-laws out. They aren't too sure what to do with me.

All part of my charm and appeal. If I had any.

The not knowing is hard to sit through. The intense feelings of failure like to crowd in and some times, some people, have a way of rubbing salt in an already open wound.

But I will say after yet another bat was in the house, I did ask Hubs why did we want to stay. Oh yes, all the work we put into the place. Our lawyer suggested getting a fixer upper. This was the fixer upper. sigh

So the Nerf war was a nice distraction. And having my brain turn to mush with LOST.

Truth be told, I think I've been suffering from a mushy brain for a few weeks. I keep forgetting to pay our bills. I have this why bother tude and I tend to run in the other direction of the mountain of bills that is sort of taking over our table.

I didn't pay our water bill, heat bill, phone/tv/cable bill and I think our car insurance for the month of January. Did you know it's already a new month? When did that happen?? Sure I've had the date for LOST circled on the calendar but it sort of slipped my mind about hey pay the utilities.

I'm now worried I'm going to get a whopper of a heating bill. Oh wait, that's every winter.

I can't seem to shake myself out of it. I tell myself like 5 brazillion times (yes, I am going to pound that dead horse into the ground) a day to get that taken care of before something gets shut off or canceled. But then cynical me says why the flock should I bother and makes a play for the cookies.

Suddenly the holiday weight gain is making total sense right about now.

I keep telling Hubby dear about this latest condition but it seems to fly over his head. He'll be sorry if something gets shut off. I think he's hoping I'll snap out of it.

Is this temporary insanity? Or is it just my brain did manage to find the keys and just peeled out of the driveway with the last bag of cookies?

I'm not sure I want the answer to that.


rthling said...

I know the feeling of numbness that comes when the bills aren't getting paid and they are piling up and they are all sortofblurringtogether. Just send the boys out for a few hours with a grocery list (alphabetical order, so they have to zig and zag all over the place to find stuff. And put stuff like Borax and lard on there, so they have to search high and low before they realize you don't even use them...) then sit down, remove all the bills from their envelopes, toss all the duplicates, just keeping the most recent, and your stack will look smaller. The debt won't be smaller, and you won't have actually paid anything, but the stack will be less overwhelming.
If you do it with Josh Holloway bouncing around as a screen saver, you might not feel the need to puke with fear and disgust.
Mmmmm, 5 times!

Dianne said...

Know the difference between inlaws and outlaws? Outlaws are wanted....

オテモヤン said...
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Anonymous said...
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Young Wife said...

I love LOST. It's so crazy. I don't allow talking or moving when LOST is on. I usually turn off my cell phone, too. :)

Kerri said...

I still don't get LOST. I guess I AM LOST. I guess that's the point! Flocke...I LOVE it! Who the HECK is he??? Ug.

Hope you're doing okay!
Love you!