Friday, February 26, 2010

Double The Trouble

If I had a nickle for every time I heard someone say they wished they had twins or had some twin story to share with me I would be stinking rich!!

I never really have understood the whole fascination with multiples. Don't know if it's because I knew a set a twins or what. Those girls were a lot older than me but I did see some of the grief twins can go through.

I read Twin magazine and it talked about how a lot of moms of multiples always complained how you can't go anywhere without someone stopping you and talking your legs off. And just when you made a break from that person, someone nails you.

I can say this is very true.

There was a joke that most moms of multiples try very hard NOT to make eye contact with people for that very reason. You try your hardest to pretend that you are totally deaf and had no idea about the conversation people are having about your kids that are standing like 3 ft away from you. You know as soon as your eyes click that it's coming. I remember the boys were a little over a year and we actually had someone ask me to make them do a twin thing.

Good gravy!

It did settle down once they reached a certain age but thanks to teenage angst it seems to be a topic lately. The boys' latest gripe is the name the twin game. They said every time they go to youth group a couple people make them stand next to each other until they can figure out who is who.

I guess this is considered rude and offensive.

When I asked for more info they went off. They said they really don't like just standing there for 5 minutes while people look at them like they're freaks. Then if the person gets it right the winner acts like they just solved a major crime and are so pleased with themselves.

I asked them if it is insulting for them to be called the wrong name. They said no. They said a lot of people can't even get my name right so they really don't hold that against anyone. But they do not like it when someone makes them stand next to each other and then talk about their differences right in front of them as if they can't hear. On time someone said to Nicholas that he's taller and he whipped back, 'nice observation captain obvious'. Hey it was an off day for him and you do realize what gene pool he crawled out of?

For the most part they won't say anything but every now and then - look out.

I was doing my hair one time and was talking with the guys. I turned around and gosh sometimes they really do look a lot alike. If they are far away from me, I can't always tell but I've associated certain clothes to them. I see a streak of color out of the corner of my eye and I know who it is.

But I have noticed that some days they feel like people look at them like they are an exhibit.

Case in point, the Dept. of Health keeps sending me letters asking me to do an on-line study about them. As if they didn't feel like a science experiment as it was - lets make it official. I blew it off as I didn't think the $15 gift card was worth a half hour of my time.

Today I got a certified letter asking me again. They keep claiming this is the last letter I'll receive but they keep making statements that they haven't given out my name - yet. Sort of creepy. I can't say as I totally buy their claim that twins are a valuable way to collect data and it will help the general public.

Unless they want to be told to take a hike in stereo, I don't see how that is going to help anyone.

On top of that, they want medical info. They have none. Combo of not having money and them not getting sick. This leaves squat for them to gather. So sorry general public but we're going to pass. Really hope they don't send someone to try and make me an offer I can't refuse. Couple of years ago I would have given them away for a pack of gum, but we're over a lot of that junk so I'm keeping them.

I did feel bad because J asked if they wanted info about him. I have to say as much as the older two complain, they have no idea how he feels being the one left out of everything. He has a personality that is totally different than them and they don't get him.

Who knew me having kids would turn into a weird science project?

Wonder what that means that I've had nightmares of having triplet girls? Hubs said I've woke up muttering no, no, no!! When I told him, he said the same thing.

Ooo I had a thought. Scary, I know. What if this is some sort of secret test for our entry exam for the witness protection program? Could I be messing up our chances of blowing this popsicle stand? Yeah, probably not.


Young Wife said...

People can be so rude. I wouldn't want to sign up for a government monitoring program, either!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Just stopping by to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day and leaving me some blog love! Everyone was so sweet and I really enjoyed the day!


Dianne said...

i am so glad i know u. even if it is just online