Thursday, February 25, 2010

It Was A Day

Well it was just a busy crazy day. Felt like I was the energizer bunny from the time my fuzzy self crawled out of bed.

Laundry was battled. Let the record show that I do have a reason for washing the boys' clothes separate from mine. Case in point, came down to the last of the guys' jeans but it didn't fill the load so I tossed in a couple of mine. It just so happens that someone left a piece of gum in their pocket. None of it stuck or ruined anything but gosh those jeans smelled minty fresh. Which really was kind of eww.

So my rear end was all minty like and I went on battling the laundry and the rest of the day. I sort of got the kitchen mostly clean, made a few phone calls and played phone tag with a few places we really needed to deal with.

But the big oh-yay of the day is that Hubs truck is now paid off!!! Very happy about that. One less thing to worry about. It still hasn't hit me yet as last couple of days I kept thinking we needed to deal with it. But big happy sigh so that's good.

It was time for the loading of the carts and ended up having to go hit 2 grocery stores. Glad Meijer is near Wal-Mart. Hubby and I ran in there to grab a few things we couldn't find at wally world. Thankfully wally must have heard about the crazies and there was zero hassle to deal with.

Except - you knew there would be one - they had carts full of stuff they were yanking off the shelves. Which I wonder if that was some of the reason why we weren't finding some of the stuff. I was a bit tempted to do a mini dumpster dive but didn't know if that stuff was priced or not. I did noticed that everything sitting in those carts was all name brand stuff. Grr

All the extra carts made it rather challenging to negotiate around. One of my kids may, or may not, have sort of bumped into one. Or 3. Or a few more.

But we had a good time. And we stayed away from the taco bomb so let me stress again it was a good time had by all.

Wally world has no idea how lucky they were. What a difference a day makes.

But they did make me smile. All the Easter stuff is out. That means Spring had better be around the corner. We had hurried up into the store as big fluffy snow flakes were coming down pretty hard. Shook off the snow and saw all the chocolaty goodness just waving hello at me wrapped in spring colors.

Why hello, lover.

And that is what I was thinking when I saw a Hershey's Kiss filled with buttercream. Had to get it. They are pretty good. I'm still mourning not finding any more of those raspberry filled Huggs. Hubby and I got to laughing as we saw a Reester bunny. Big Reese cup in the shape of a bunny. For some reason we found that funny.

We got home, brought all the stuff in and put away. Boys went running for the computers to check their stuff.

I am still rubbing it in their faces for all the grief they gave me about all the time I spend on the computer. They just grinned at me. It has made their year. I've had a couple tackle hugs over it. Luckily they haven't taken me down - yet.

But it was a day filled with lots of accomplishments so it was a good day tater. I am ready to stumble off to bed.

If ya'll could do me a favor, keep Dianne in prayer. She's having surgery Thursday morning. Hang in there lady!


grandmamargie said...

Hey, congratulations on Hubby's truck. Things should be looking up and yes, I agree, come on Spring.

Julie said...

That's great that you got the truck paid off! One less thing to worry about, huh?

I'm so excited about the coming of spring. I am SO READY for SUNSHINE!!! :D

Anonymous said...
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