Monday, February 1, 2010

LOST But With Snacks

So here it is time to come up with another blog post. I just asked my brain if it had anything meaningful to add. After the crickets died down, it said I don't listen to it anyway so why bother.

Oh dear, the brain is in a mood.

I offered it chocolate but it quickly became offended claiming I was trying to buy it off. This was not what I was wanting and told the brain that it is the true diva on this train wreck. I'm not sure, but that may have been poor wording choice.

Actually, my brain cannot think of anything but LOST. It did say to buzz off as it was trying to pace itself. I'm not sure how well it will be holding up under the strain come Tuesday afternoon.

Anyhoo, I'm thinking that I will be spending some quality time with the couch this week. Holla to the couch potatoes!

I have my place on the couch all set for the week. Snacks are all planned for each event. Hubs has declared that Tuesday night is the beginning of the end for LOST. I think I've seen all the clips for the opening night and I just can't stand it. All I know is come 8 pm I will be on the couch with a fresh pillow to toss out of frustration.

Don't even plan on calling me. I have caller id and you can leave a message. I will get back to you - later.

I'm sure all the angst and wonder will fade away just in time for the Super Bowl preparations. I'm making my aunt's white chocolate chex mix. I'm just hoping it will make it until kickoff time. Believe me when I tell you this stuff is the bomb-diggity. Once word got out of this stuffs awesomeness, my popularity skyrocketed.

3 c. corn chex
3 c. rice chex
3 c. bugels or cheerios
2 c. pretzels sticks
2 c. peanuts
12 oz bag of M&Ms
1 - 2 bags of white chocolate chips, melted in microwave until smooth.

Mix the stuff, pour the melted white chocolate over it and mix some more until it's all coated. Lay it out on wax paper until dry, then break it into pieces. I like to add a bit more wh chocolate because I tend to dump in more chex than what it calls for so I make sure to have extra so it all gets coated.

I do have to add that if the white chocolate doesn't melt smooth, just add a drizzle of cooking oil and keep stirring until it's all smooth so it can pour over the mix.

I made a batch a couple weeks ago and we pounded on the stuff. The cravings do not want to be denied. Plus I got stuff to make queso and we have crackers and cheez spread. Got a few other things planned but I'm not sure what else will survive that long. Planning on food to last around here is proving to be more of a challenge. But the part we're looking forward to the most this Sunday? The commercials!

And for extra couch time, the Olympics are just around the corner as well. I'm thinking I'm going to have to grab more snacks.

Is it just me or does this sort of scream weird? We're going to sit on our butts and watch all this activity all while stuffing our face. Darn that emotional eating. Do they make a pill for that? Oh wait, it's called Prozac - never mind.

So what will be your snack of choice?


Dianne said...

My coach potato couple of hours is BIggest Lose, which is also on tonite. And can't watch it without snacks! How wrong is that? Oh well, hand over the white ch chex. It's part of my treatment...

rthling said...

I am really stoked about LOST tonight! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!
I will stock up on all things snacky today in preparation, but I have to be careful. My girl is on Weight Watcher's and I don't want to submarine her.

Julie said...

Well... I won't be watching Lost or the Superbowl... Do I still get the snacks? *lol*

Joanna said...

Julie I would share my snacks with you!

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