Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Pain And Agony

No, I'm not going to talk about the Colts. I've already had a few good natured nanner nanner emails and 1 phone call. That isn't the source of my suffering.

I'm talking about the pain and agony of having to jump through 456 hoops when it comes to filing bankruptcy. We had to do online courses. That took about an hour for the pre-filing. But we had to do that main course which took 2 hours. We finally tackled that tonight but what we didn't know was that 2 hours was for each of us. It kept saying we had to both be present so I sat next to Hubby dear and listened while he answered the quizzes.

Pop freaking quizzes.

As if we weren't already feeling bad enough - there really IS a quiz on this sh-tuff.

Hubs is all done. Then it pulls up mine name and I have to take the same course, listen to all the same material again and do all the same quizzes. Except some of my question were harder. His 2 hours is done and he bolts out of the room and heads for bed leaving me alone to go through another 2 hours.

Any takers on killing me - rubbing me out - offing me for good behavior? Is there an early release program? Cuz this? This bit big time.

But that part is all done. Now we have another month to go before we find out our fate. Except we get to chain ourselves to the computer when we do our taxes. I'm thinking we can put that off for a little bit. Besides we don't have all our info on our giving for 09.

Not that I'm in a hurry to watch my Hubby's head spin in circles while he spews forth curses. Although the nice part is we didn't have any computer issues so I'm hoping that will cool his jets.

On a good note - he's back to work full time and the month is filling up fast. Can I get a ye-haw with a hot dang thrown in for good measure? Keep the prayers coming! We need him working for all of March too for the court date.

Not that I'm sweating it or anything. Simply because this if February. I may need to be medicated come March.

Other than the pain and suffering of loosing 4 hours, it was still a good day. The guys were in a goofy good mood and they had me in stitches. They got their work done quick and got along great with each other. That is always a plus.

I made a comment about LOST and Michael said no way can we go anywhere cuz he wants to see what happens. So do the rest of us! The boys are still razzing their Dad about the whole thing.

I guess I should back up and explain that one.

Over the weekend we were talking about the show. Hubby dear got this blank look on his face. I should have known immediately when his eyebrows did a little "what" dance that something was up. He's caught at not knowing but is trying to cover it up.

I'm telling you those eyebrows have some sort of power to them. They speak without uttering a word. Totally mysterious. Then again he is the mysterious guy named Fred. (Veggie Tales)

He doesn't say anything. Later he goes on the computer, plugs in headphones and I thought he was looking up all the talk about the show. Turns out dude fell asleep for the last 10 minutes!!! He didn't have a clue what I was talking about but rather than admit it, he tried to cover it up by watching the last bit of it online.

Say what?

With his hand fully caught in the cookie jar, he gave me his most pathetic aren't I cute and please don't kill me look. My eye started doing the eye twitch thing which Nicholas saw and informed his dad, "You're toast."

Could not believe Mr husband man tried to pull a fast one!! Too bad it was an epic fail.

Dude has been known to just fall asleep at weird times - church services, red lights, movies - can't tell you how many times we all settle in for a movie night only to have dude out by the end of the opening credits. Now I just ask him what credits does he want to see. I usually have to dodge a pillow or 4 after that comment.

And he has been know to sack out while hanging out with people. He claims they are power naps. I say lack of oxygen supply to his big noggin. Isn't that narcelepsy? I know his aunt has it pretty bad. Gosh, I would feel bad if he really did have that or a mild form of it because that issue has been known to cause a few fights. Nothing like him falling alseep in the middle of a deep conversation or during a sermon and have the pastor give me a look to wake him up.

Good times.

So the boys were feeling very smug that their Dad was a bit on the toasty side and kept teasing him telling him he better go to bed early so he can stay up to watch the show. I started snickering and I'm now being accused of putting them up to it.

As if.

It's called genetics deary. I didn't have to say a blooming thang. They came up with it all on their own. Good gravy! My mouth and his eyebrows? What.have.we.done???


Kerri said...

You're goofy!

Can't wait to see LOST tonight... Doug and I are going out for dinner but we will be back in time.

We had to delete allllll of our timers because his parents are staying at our house, and Doug didn't want their programming interrupted by our shows.

SO...we have to watch what we can when we can!

Love you...I'll call ya either tonight or tomorrow.

Fuschia said...

FYI...bankruptcy: been there, done that, they came and took my t-shirt.

The sun'll come out, tomorrow (Oh, please don't bet your bottom dollar!!).

Thanks for the memories ;)

Young Wife said...

Yee haw! So glad to hear about your husband's work! I wonder if he has sleep apnea?

Joanna said...

Kerri - hope you are having a great time! I'm just buried up to my nose in snow - cuz I flopped face first into a snow bank. :D

Fuschia - Wow that was depressing - thanks for that. I don't have a dollar to bet so I'm safe. ;)

YW - I'm not sure. But it's pretty weird. And he refuses to see a doctor. Does lack of oxygen cause stubbornness? ;)