Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Short And Sweet

I know, what a concept? Especially coming from me!! It is 3 am. I don't think my brain can even work right now. I'm reading So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore by three authors - I think one is Jake Colsen.!! Read this book!! Church ain't doing it for you? Feel like it's all about rules and regulations rather than relationship and focusing on Jesus? You're not alone. Nor are you crazy for feeling that way.

How refreshing.

I'm reading it online. I'm too tired and my eyes don't want to focus to pull up the link. I will try to add it later.

And for now, that is all I'm going to say about it.

We are getting a lot of snow. What is the deal with that? Acts like it's February or something. What? It is??? Huh. Imagine that.

With that I'm going to bed. Aunt flo decided to show up and I think an ovary just tried to do a half gainer - with an extra twist - all while hopping up and down on my uterus. Or I have been hit with some secret ninja punch that causes all the organs to lock up in a painful cramp.

Why yes, that does hurt really bad. However could you tell?

I'm going to down some pain meds and grab the wooden mallet to knock myself out and try to get some sleep. Either way, I better not feel anything.


Anju Sabu said...

hahaha.. I loved reading your blog and I love the blog design! I ought to try that book.. sounds like we all go through those seasons!

grandmamargie said...

Ah, I remember those days. Hope you are feeling better today.

Dianne said...

girl, we have a foot of snow here. I have not seen this much snow EVER in Arkansas. And the forecast is already calling for 2 more days of snow next week. havent left the house since saturday...and flo is here too

rthling said...

I had a facebook friend mention that TN is seeing more snow this year that when Jesus was a baby in the manger.
I have to agree. I don't remember having this much snow in one season! Not that I'm complaining. It has come in reasonable batches, with the latest being about 5 inches. There is still snow on the ground and they are calling for more this week. Unheard of for the Memphis area.

Ashley said...

i am going to totally have to check out that book! hope you feel better!

Joanna said...

Anju - nice to meet you. Don't know if this is lather, rinse, repeat season or wring me until I'm a rag.

Margie! Haven't heard from you. Don't make me send an email. Cuz I will.

Dianne - You have GOT to read this book. Seriously! I'm sending you the link. Sorry flo decided to visit you after such a bad week. I would so give you chocolate right now.

D - that is just another day here in MI. Feel my pain yet? ;) Although judging my your sledding - I would say you're having more fun than I am. *pout*

Joanna said...

Thanks Ashley! I'm not done with it yet but WOW!