Friday, March 26, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Ever get the feeling like someone is trying to tell you something? Like when your kid looks at you and then over at some snack item and then back at you. They repeat this process of few more times just in case mom's brain isn't fully functioning at any given moment. One never knows if my brain is paying attention or not.

Like this shocks you.

Sooo Kerri and I have in our hot little hands Kelly Minter's new bible study about Ruth - Love, Loss, and Legacy. This study is slated next on our agenda as we've just cracked open Beth Moore's Believing God. I think I may be the only person I know that hasn't done this study but hey better late than never. Luckily for me Kerri is willing to do this again.

Part of me wants to hurry up and get through this to tackle Ruth as I can identify with loss right now. But I also know I need all the help I can get with trusting and believing God. I think I'm starting to get it that it's all about the timing so I'm trying to get the most of what I can where I'm at right now.

While running errands with the boys last week, we were at Sam's club and they had Francine River's new book out that I almost knocked over a kid to get to it. What really shocked me was I saw a book that I didn't even know was coming out by Lizz Curtis Higgs sitting there at Sam's at a lower price. Score! I love her writing. She is able to write both fiction and non-fiction in such a way. I seriously could go on and on about her. Big puffy heart love her.

Seeing this gem, I placed it in my cart without even reading the back of it and went on my merry way. She did a series on the story of Jacob, Rachel, and Leah in an Irish setting and at first I thought this was part of that series as it's sort of set in the same time period. I didn't really care, I was just happy to get it. When I got home I read the back of it and it's a story about Ruth.

Gosh, wonder what I'm supposed to be picking up on?

The sad thing is I am a bit behind on my book reading. So chances are by the time I actually get around to reading it, we should be ready for that study. I have zero energy right now and have been falling behind on some stuff. I'm almost afraid to ask the boys if they even have clean socks as I've heard one of them has been re-wearing his socks.

Lets hope that's not the only thing he's re-wearing. Sigh


Kerri said...

Isn't that just like God? When you REALLY need to hear something, He makes SURE you get the point!

I will call you later since I can (hopefully) talk better today! Wuv you.

Praise and Coffee said...

Very cool! Enjoy the book!

kanishk said...

I think if it had PMS I wouldn't even get in the truck with him.
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Julie said...

That's pretty cool! ... I would be dropping the other books so I could get right on the Ruth ones... I am impatient like that! *lol*

jubilee said...

My oldest chickadee thinks he's helping me cut down on laundry by re-wearing his underclothes. Ick.

I haven't done the Beth Moore study yet. So, you aren't the last one . . . :)

Yep sure sounds like God is prepping you or encouraging you or both. Take it on sistah and let him help you grow!