Monday, March 1, 2010

Dancing To A Different Tune

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. Appreciate that. Hubby talked to the lawyer and we're told this is normal and doesn't mean anything. So we are still at square zero.

Why square zero instead of square one? Because we should all face the facts that I know zero about most things that really don't hold my attention. This ranks right up there but I was able to cope with some chocolate. Denial being more than a river in Egypt and all.

To hear that the crisis sort of side step or really didn't mean a hill of beans left me slightly confused. So there went that bag of chocolate.

But don't worry, I do have back up chocolate for the next crisis I don't understand. Knowing me that could mean just about anything.

Actually, I'm not totally losing it. There are moments it hits but it does quickly settle down. Both Hubs and I keep saying we're trusting God. We'll praise Him if we win or if we lose but we're going to praise Him. And eat chocolate. It is coming up on Easter. What better way to celebrate Jesus kicking some serious butt by conquering sin and death than a chocolate bunny?

Yeah, I don't get that either.

Nicholas and I were discussing this topic - online in a chat box. At least it started out talking about chocolate but then we quickly changed the subject. He is just cracking me up. I was sitting in one room and he was in another room but I could see him. Every now and then he would type "look over at me" and he would make a face. We were cracking ourselves up. Cuz that's how we roll.

Actually we were laughing at Hubs as he has been on this kick of watching old music videos on YouTube. The boys are worried he's flipped his lid as we all decided that those bands suck and suck royally. The boys were asking me why did their dad listen to this junk and I just had to shake my head and whisper that was before Jesus.

Well it was.

But I had all of them laughing about it. Including Hubby who takes my mockery in stride. Besides he can dish it out just as much as he takes it. It's those quiet ones you have to watch cuz he's not that silent around here.

I tried really hard to explain the 80s but gave up. Because really? Can any of us really explain the 80s? The 60s everyone was on drugs, the 70s people were still on drugs or at least trying to kick the habit. At least that's what I'm guessing after looking at the pictures. Maybe the 80s was the rehab decade?

Suddenly a lot of the fashion makes sense now.

I can't remember who he was watching tonight but Michael declared it hippy music and left the room. I started laughing. The little chat box popped up from Nicholas to which he replied, 'He's not kidding. The dude looks like a freak.'

My laughter continued. Hubs was watching someone his dad really liked so heard it a lot as a kid. Our backgrounds are totally different for Hubs and I. My folks listened to Gaithers and classical music while his parents did not. Hubs spent a lot of time listening to music. While it started out to drown out all his parent's fights, he ended up with a deep love for music.

Remember the show Name That Tune? Dude is freaky good at stuff like that. We were watching Mythbusters once and Adam said his head is full of 70s music and Hubs was laughing because so is his.

Way to get your nerd on there, dear.

Nicholas wanted to know how I've survived the different taste in music. I said you just learn to blow things off. Roll with the punches. Everyone is entitled to their own taste. Besides his taste in music has changed so no biggie.

I probably shouldn't tell them about the music I was into. I'm just glad music, especially Christian music, has come a loooong way.

The guys seem to be a bit worried that it's going to be all 80s all the time. After being forced to watch a clip or 7 of some old bands, they are praying very hard that Jesus would come back before all the spandex is back in style.

I think I will have to agree with them on that prayer.

But I did get a bit excited that the movie A-team will be coming out soon. I have been saying, "I love it when a plan comes together" like all week long. I hope it's something I can drag the boys too. I'll need to make it up to them that I'm planning on dragging them to see both Shrek 4 and Toy Story 3. What's the point of having kids if I don't get to see the kids' movies, I ask you? At least Jared has got my back.


Anonymous said...

Lol. You always crack me up in your blog posts. I grew up on classic rock and oldies, and that's pretty much all I like now. I guess that's why I prefer listening to singer/song-writer music than our locals Hits station. I love singers like Ray La Montagne and Rachael Yamagata. They're probably my two favorites next to Coldplay. My favorite album of theirs is their first one Parachutes. I'm not too sure what's happened from reading the beginning of this post, but I hope everything turns out well for you and your family. You really can't go wrong with God! Have a lovely day. :D

Julie said...

I kinda liked the 80s! *lol*

I used to watch the A-Team ALL THE TIME! And we're going to watch Toy Story 3 too. Even hubby is excited about that one! *lol*

Julie said...

I kinda liked the 80s! *lol*

I used to watch the A-Team ALL THE TIME! And we're going to see Toy Story 3 too. Even hubby is excited about that one. *lol*

jubilee said...

I kinda miss the '80s. Kinda. Which decade was it that we wore three pairs of socks, each with a bit showing at the top? And suspenders were totally in? I miss seeing how ridiculous those girls looked when they wore their suspenders backward - on purpose. :)

Dianne said...

the bunny, the bunny, yes i love the buuny...feel free to sing along, i know u know the words lol

Joanna said...

Oh I ate the bunny. I don't love my mom or my dad just the bunny. The bunny, the bunny... wait you didn't want to hear me sing did you? ;)