Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Oh InterPeeps, it is moments like right this nano second someone should tell me to step away from the computer and save the world from posts like this. Too bad no one has the nerve to do it.

Then again it could be because all the normal people in the world are in bed passed out and not sitting all bleary eyed at the computer screen with the pressure to write something.

No, I'm not writing a book. I suck at it as I can't ever come to the end. The story that can't end because there isn't any.

Much like my life. Bitter ending that never ends.

Dang, low on chocolate again. Hang on. GULP! Much better.

Actually the day was a really good day. The sun was shining, kids were cooking through their school work all while I jammed to some music cleaning the kitchen, and then kicked some laundry right in the fabric softener. Didn't cook dinner as I got to go have some McTalking time with Kerri. How she puts up with me, I'll never know. It's her own personal gift.

All an all, it was a nice day of happiness.

But that happiness has tried to float away but I made it too scared to move. What could be that scary you ask? Try I haven't been blogging about aunt flo cuz I think if I did she would up her game. Right now an ovary is doing a triple twist. I bet that's why my right eye started twitching this afternoon. Here I thought it was a code for give me chocolate.


But the organ in a knot isn't so bad because it should feel right at home. Home - how I would like to keep thee but Bank of America sucks. I'll just keep working on my voodoo doll. I kid. I don't mess with the dark arts. I have enough problems as it is.

While I put it in B for boogie to go hang out with Kerri, I left Hubs to cook for our spawn and deal with the bank because long story short our lawyer informed us, gosh that is up to us to deal with, not them. Come again? When were you planning on letting us know this? We're 2 weeks away from the court date and you're just NOW telling me this???

Deep breathing...

10 minutes later

Hubs calls, waits forever from all the transfer calls - bottom line? They do not reaffirm - EVER. Now Hubby can reapply for a different loan - again - for the 3rd time and see if the wizard behind the green curtain has gotten his head out of his....

More deep breathing...

20 minutes later

And another thing, you dirty rotten....

More breathing....

We jumped through all those hoops for all those months, all through the fall. Then tossed our house into foreclosure weeks before Christmas when we were only a couple months behind because you figured you would make more money thanks to YOUR bail out and.....

Passes out from all the breathing - who knows for how long

Eh, you know what? I'm really not worried about it. I know God is working it out. I'm not all upset. A bit peeved at the mortgage company but both Hubby and I knew they were going to be jerks about it as that has been what we've dealt with for the last year. We're now looking to see if we can get another mortgage company to help out. Couple of them look promising.

Why couldn't I have know about this weeks ago to plan according so we're not down to the wire on a mad scramble? Again?! Oh, because that would mean life makes sense and would be fair and all that rot. Grr.

I do not like the mad scramble. Too much temptation to wring my hands and pace all nervous like. I gave that up for Lent. At least that is what I'm telling myself. So far so good.

But I know that I know that I know, that God is working it all out and it's going to be okay.

Wonder if I can challenge the bank to a game of mafia wars? The way they do business? I bet they invented the game. Sheesh! But my day was way too good to let them pee all over it.

Now here's the question for you - is it me on meds and chocolate that's all upbeat and singing the sun will come out tomorrow? OR is it the ovary tied in a knot with a bad attitude that is ready for a smack down? I'm betting the organ as it keeps twitching and it did say 'go ahead - make my day' a time or twenty.

Don't anger the ovary. Step away from it slowly and leave chocolate as a peace offering.


Jay Emerson said...

As a person who has been fighting these bank and corporate bastards for nearly a decade i've finally been able to help people with the knowledge I have from years of "training" for these days.

This should help you with your Foreclosure situation in terms of getting evicted:

With all this information and a good grasp on the financial markets i've helped two people keep their homes, one of them being my own mother.

Bank of America (assuming they're the originator of your loan) along with many other banks took your debt along with everyone else and put those Promissory Notes all in one big bundle to sell on the market.

Then, they cut up the bundle and sold more pieces, and so on and so forth. The chances of them being able to show you own ANY money on your house in the form of that Promissory Note are slim to none.

Read the site at the link I gave you and if you're really in need, call either the Legal Aid in your State/County for free legal help or call your local Bar Association and ask them for a lawyer that specializes in Foreclosures.

It's the difference between having 20 days to move out of your home or getting 90 days extension and leverage against the bank in negotiating a MUCH smaller amount of payments monthly to keep your home because they don't have proof of what you actually owe.

All the best,

Jay Emerson

Young Wife said...

Oh, sweetie. Wow. This must be so hard. I'm glad you're trusting God and not worrying! Prayers for you!