Monday, March 8, 2010

It Was A Good Day Tater

It has been a pretty good few days in spite of everything else that has been going on. We had beautiful weather. Thursday and Friday I loaded up the boys and we ran errands.

As it just so happens, I had to get a baby shower gift. There I was at Target in the middle of baby land and I think my ovaries let out a massive sigh as baby fever attacked me. Did I mention I was shopping for a girl? Oh the pink. It called out to me. I looked at all the cuteness and had to sigh. I looked over at my babies - who are almost as tall as me and sighed again.

Then some screaming brat was in the same aisle while I was trying to figure out what to buy. Ovaries said screw that - been there, done that.

But I did get a kick out the guys. Some of the stuff they come up with cracks me up. They still need to work on their snark but for beginners not too bad.

You may want to smack them though. I am doing a give away later on in the week to celebrate my 500th post. Admit it, y'all thought I would have been in the nut house by now. This train is still rolling. Thought I would give some love for the InterPeeps.

Because it is me, I came up with something that is unique and very sort of kitchen sink like to it. But I'm not going to get into that just yet. While we were shopping and brain storming, the guys thought I should make y'all work for the prize that only I could come up with. They didn't feel that just posting a sign me up comment was worthy of what I'm doing.

They give me way too much credit for my weirdness.

So you'll have to stay tune to see what I can come up with.

But we had a really good weekend and was able to bless the guys a little bit. Hadn't been able to do that for a long time. It was nice. And we celebrated with Shamrock Shakes. Life is good.


rthling said...

I'll bet you got a Dove chocolate bunny that has an eye twitch and a pension for snarky humor to give away, right?

Joanna said...

If I could get my hands on that I would keep it as a pet. hee hee

Lorraine said...

I keep hearing about people enjoying a shamrock shake. My resistance is wearing down! When I'm out shopping, especially at Walmart, I keep hoping to run into your family, just for the experience! You make is sound so fun on your blog...I want to be there!

Kerri said...

YAY! 500th post? DANG!
Can't wait to hear about the giveaway.
I feel like $h!t

Anonymous said...
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Joanna said...

Lorraine - if you like mint then you will like the shake.
Be glad smell-o-vision hasn't been invented yet or you would totally rethink that. ;)
My kids would tell you I'm usually yelling at them to just pick something out while we're still young. There is some truth to that. :}

Joanna said...

Kerri - Sorry you're feeling like $h!t. I feel like $h*t too only different. How can anyone bleed this much and still live??? I better not be some weird version of a vampire. Bad enough with a wookie in the gene pool.

Hope you feel better soon. :}