Monday, March 22, 2010

Kill Me Now

Dear Uterus,

Seriously??? You must be going crazy, this has become very obvious. But now? Right now, you have to pull this??? Didn't aunt flo just leave 2 weeks ago? I'm almost positive that she did. Explain to me why you brought her back for another visit - one that has gone off with a bang. I don't feel like I have a need for you any more so if you would be so kind as to close up shop, I think I would be happy. If nothing else relieved.

I'm now worried it's trying to kill me off. Hubby came home to find me in a fetal position, curled around a heating pad, under 3 blankets begging someone to finish me off.

No one took pity on me as they wanted me to make dinner.


But Hubby did cook dinner. It was either that or starve and as resourceful as he is, he soldier on. That and we need to go grocery shopping. Won't this be a site to see? Us all loaded up with taco bomb as I use my cart as a walker all while moaning/screaming for chocolate and pain meds.

At least I'm consistent.

I'm trying to figure out why no matter how much I plan out our food, we always managed to fall just a hair short. Couldn't possibly be that these guys can devour food like it's nothing. And all those extras to tied us over seem to vanish into thin air.

Ugh. Double ugh. I told Hubs I can see the next few months being some pretty nasty emotions. He told me he would give me a run for the crazy one.

Oh dear.

Although if he thinks I'm going to hand over my crown and throne without a fight he has misjudged me.

Thanks for the hugs cuz I am so going to need it. Right about now I feel like I'm being dropped kicked through the goal posts of life - again.


Julie said...

Hope you're feeling better again soon!!!!!

Sunday said...

Grrrr to Aunt Flo.

Kerri said...

: ( I'm sorry. I hope Aunt Flo takes a hike SOON!

Love ya...

Dianne said...

Gee, i thought that was u when i rolled over in the recliner this morning. you should have said something. i neglected to mention the fact that flo was the guest of honor at my pity party.

Anju said...

I think my uterus is out to kill me every month too!
I hope yours is nicer to you now!

kanishk said...

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