Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

What a weird thing to say.

You have no idea what all the drama this thing has caused. N and M feel very strongly that rthling should win as she answered the most quotes. However, I did say that it wasn't required to be entered.

Hubby came up with a very easy, yet involved way to pick a random number. After several coin tosses and a roll of the dice the winner is....

Comment #16 which is Dianne.

Holla out to Dianne!!!

But the boys are insisting I give D(rthling) a runner up prize of a bag of chocolate. Personally I think it's all a ploy to score on those orange kisses. So D I'll see if I can get a bag of them and I'll bug ya on facebook for your address.

You ladies cracked me up, btw. Thanks for making it fun. And ya'll are as nuts as I am!


grandmamargie said...

What?? I didn't win? Fred, this is your fault and you're not my friend anymore. :) Congratulations, Diane.

jubilee said...

Congrats Diane. Tampons! Yay! ;)

rthling said...

Yay me!
Yay movies quotes!
Yay chocolate!
Yay N & M for thinking I should win!
Yay for second place!
Who am I kidding?
I wanted first!
At least the winner has a cool name.
Even if she spells it funky.

And let's make this clear, I am Diane.
That other woman is an imposter.
**arms crossed aross chest**

rthling said...

PS. Congrats, Dianne!

Kaye Butler said...

OOOOOOOooooo I love that grandma margie blamed it on Fred! It probably is all his fault!

I freakin love rthling's Yay me stuff...

How many times did you pee your pants Joanna from Wisconsin...oops I mean Michigan... (inside joke)

Anonymous said...

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Kaye Butler said...

who the heck is Anonymous and did he/she really need tampon information?

kanishk said...

At least the winner has a cool name.
Even if she spells it funky.

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