Monday, April 12, 2010

Crazy Week

That pretty much sums up the last couple weeks. Certainly feels like I've gone from one thing to the next with few breaks in between. It feels like I'm still trying to recover - still feel weak and stairs just about do me in. I hate that feeling. I do, however, have an appreciation for my van now and make sure it's not low on oil.

My folks came up for the weekend. Surprised me. It went well. Both Mom and I avoided a few hot topics that we sort of got into the previous week after the baby shower. My Dad kept saying Mom and I should go to the Joyce Meyer conference together and spend the day with each other. Um, okay. Weird.

When I asked Hubby about it he said my Dad is trying to get us to have a relationship. I said I really didn't feel like spending a day with her discussing all the ways my brother has been wrong and how she is still going to fight stuff blah, blah, blah - eyes glaze over from lack of caring. That is all she can talk about for the most part. If I want that type of boredom, I'll ask one of my kids about some bionicle. That is more interesting.

Not sure about spending alone time with my Mom in public. That has all kinds of warning signs written all over it. Then again it could go fine, just not too sure.

But we did get them to go through some boxes and that is always good. They took a few and we pitched a few stuff. Got a couple more boxes shoved in the garage sale part. That ought to be interesting. Neither Hubby or I have ever done one. Not even sure what is required.

Why yes, we are that pathetic. Thanks for mentioning it.

I did noticed that Jared was all over my Mom. He sat next to her almost the entire time. She's making another baby blanket. A cousin on my Dad's side is expecting a boy. So while Mom was working on the blanket, Jared sat next to her and told her how much he loves reading Encyclopedia Brown and Calvin and Hobbs. They chatted away.

It was really cute to watch. You could see this big old sigh in him that this is what has been missing for a long time. Which really made me want to smack my folks for all the pain and lack they've caused in my kids' lives. Yeah, I'm working on that. Rome wasn't build in a day and all.

Still no clue what we are going to do regarding the house. We have all been praying about stuff and on the house we feel equally divided. Part of me wants to stay and an equal part wants to leave. Really hoping to get a clear direction from God on that one cuz we're all feeling stumped. We've put too much into this place to just walk away. However, there are some serious issues that need fixed that our beyond our realm of fixing.

In other news, my boys crack me up. They are just funny and so insightful on stuff and I know that no matter what comes their way - they are still better people than I am. I feel like I can almost say goal achieved. The paranoid part says lets survive the next few years before I start tootin' my own horn.

Still haven't found my blogging mojo yet. I blame this sudden deep desire for sleep and lack of giving a rat's butt to really say anything.


Julie said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your parents...

Praying about the house situation...

Young Wife said...

Ask the boys about a Bionicle...Ha! You crack me up! Hope you're feeling better. Praying about the house.

jubilee said...

Here's to hoping God drops a big sign in your lap telling you what to do about the house/moving/whatever!

He does that sometimes, right?!