Friday, April 16, 2010

Laundry Blues

Do you remember last winter how cold it was that I complained, repeatedly, how my washing machine would end up with frozen pipes thus leaving me unable to battle the stench of mount laundry? Hubby did end up having to fix the hose and the battle continued. Only to be taken out again at a later date.

Seems like dearest sort of broke the dispenser while fixing the problem. Picture me looking at him, stating more than asking, "let me get this straight - in fixing the problem you broke it causing another problem?" The look told me yeah but never fear he would sort of fix it.

My hero.

Fast forward to a couple months ago when the washing machine started to leak. Nothing major but call me picky as I didn't think appliances should pee all over the floor. This went on for a while. I informed hero about it. Hubby looked at it, FIL looked at it. All shrugged their shoulders.

The puddles continued.

Enter last week - where I mentioned how Lake Erie was starting to get bigger. Hubs finally had enough, of my complaining, and took the thing apart and found the problem. But it left me a couple days without a washing machine until he got the parts needed. Yesterday evening as soon as he got home, he fixed it.

And there was much rejoicing in the land. Until I realized that there is a lot of laundry to do. Yay! I think. But Hubby is back to hero status.

Few weeks ago, I said enough was enough and took the spawn out for some new threads. I had a Kohl's coupon for 15% off everything and I just so happened to go on a tax free day, not to mention we hit the clearance rack. When I checked out, it said I saved almost $300 which is pretty cool when you figure I only spent $135. Looking at the amount of clothes we got that was an epic score. My MIL would be so proud.

I did have a lot of fun with the guys telling then to go look at stuff. Older boys are at that weird in between stage. For example they take a men's small in shirts but M still needs jeans in the kids area verses N is in men's jeans. Dude has always been an inch taller. We're not sure if we'll call him long legs or bottomless pit.

This means I've had to go through all their clothes and do the 'no way can you wear that any more'. The worst one is J. He loves hand-me-downs. Thank goodness. He's had his pick of whatever and has the most clothes as he gets two of everything. He's hit the chubby stage which is weird when you consider he hardly eats anything. Mark my words, I bet that boy is going to be well over 6 ft. Needless to say, what he wore last year isn't going to fit this year.

We had this huge bag of clothes to take to Goodwill but hadn't had the chance to take it. After going through J's stuff the bag grew. Hubby ended up carting off 2 big bags of stuff. Hooray!

Less junk, washing machine is humming away, and no lakes to wade through to get to it. Not too bad in the ongoing battle of laundry blues.


Young Wife said...

Wow! You scored at Kohl's! Glad the washing machine is fixed.

Julie said...

Appliances that pee???


Glad it's fixed!

jubilee said...

yay! a good day!

score on the Kohl's stuff! way to go!