Monday, April 26, 2010

One Crazy Weekend

Friday started off with a bang. I ditched the guys and went to see Joyce Meyer live!

At least that was the plan.

Turns out people had been camping out at the doors since 2 and the doors didn't open until 5. We walked through the doors at like 5:15 and the main place was already packed and they were telling people to go to ONE of the overflow rooms.


So we got to watch Joyce on 3 big screens. While we were feeling disappointment over it, we pressed on. It didn't start until 7 pm and by this time it was only 6. We were sitting there talking away when the chairs around us started filling up. As someone who has junk in her trunk, and just about everywhere else, you try really hard when scootching in a row of seats not to step on people's toes or have any part of your body touch anyone else. While this isn't always avoidable - you at least make the effort.

Someone needed to tell that to the gal who will forever remain big booty Rudy. She faced the people in the row she was trying to get in but her bootay was hanging waaay over the chairs that just happened to have people in it. Like me. I kid you not - this was the firmest butt I have ever been smacked upside the head with. She really should stop her buns of steal routine because I thought for sure she was going to knock me clean off the chair.

Holy butt batman!!

The sad thing is this didn't happened just once. Rudy had to butt-beat her way in the row and then butt-beat her way back out as she wanted to get some food. Yes, Rudy keep your strength up - goodness knows you took out about 5 women and that was just our row. Wonder what she did in those food lines with that thing?

How she had a ghetto booty with not much on the frame was a surprise. It's when Rudy was so stinking rude to butt-beat her way in that row like 7 times is when I started making the big booty Rudy comments. The women behind me heard me and snickered.

I got to work on that volume control.

We did get so tired of getting butt slapped that we were very quick to sit forward anytime someone got near our row. Sort of wished we would have had an alarm system to warn us. She had to have felt her butt slamming into all of us and had to have heard the gasps of pain.

I guess it was better to smack someone you didn't have to sit next to.

Praise and music kicked in and it was pretty cool to see a room full of people worshipping God. Been a long time to see a room full of people that will worship instead of just standing around. Gal in front of me was just too stinking cute to watch worship. This gal was on fi-yah for God. Was surprised that at the end when Joyce prayed to get saved she and her mom prayed to get saved. Her mom was shaking like a leaf.

I have to give credit to this mega church. I was sitting there thinking there is no way anyone would even know if you exsisted in this mini-city. But a lot of the staff came over to this gal and her mom to give her a hug. Thought that was pretty cool.

And Joyce NEVER disappoints. She was talking about peace and just hammered a few thing home for me. Stuff like if you are trying to figure it all out then you will be frustrated and won't have any peace.

You don't say.

Very good stuff. And that is all I'm going to say about that for now.

Saturday rolled around and Kerri and I finally got to go have some McTalking time to do our bible study. Sunday after our bible study with the boys, I crashed.

Lot of cool stuff just coming together. I know our family is going through a time of healing right now so it's just pretty cool to see it all coming together.


Dianne said...

Did big boody Rudy worship, or was she just sent their by Satan to distract u from the service? HHHHHMMMMMMM

Joanna said...

Hmmm! She was behind us so I didn't notice.

Kerri said...

Big booty Rudy. Ba ha ha ha ha! You're freakin' hilarious!
I'm so glad you got to go, even though you had to sit in overflow. : (

LOVE the new layout!!!

Jen said...

K had to comment on BIG BOOTY RUDY! I was there it was big and I was very impressed with the firmness! Never have I seen such a big booty feel so rock solid. We were dodging that thing.

Jen said...

K had to comment on BIG BOOTY RUDY! I was there it was big and I was very impressed with the firmness! Never have I seen such a big booty feel so rock solid. We were dodging that thing.