Friday, April 9, 2010

Forgot A Title

So I got a few emails asking me what the hey is wrong with me for not blogging. Sadly, I could not devote enough time to that subject and just said really nothing has been wrong just haven't felt like blogging.

Not sure if I should take my temperature or what.

It's not that things are bad - far from it. Had some great days with the guys lately, took them shopping and got some good deals on clothes. Still trying to get over this hack. No clue where we are at with a lot of things. But when it comes time to blog, I'm just tired and can't come up with anything. Nothing is there. Right now, I'm really watching Ace of Cakes and just typing this on commercials.

This does not make a good blog post.

Actually, you can blame my cousin as we've been skyping away with each other. So by the time we're done talking, I'm tired and ready for bed.

I've had a really good blog post that was brewing in my head all day but now I can not remember a single thing. Dang it.

I don't know - it's been fun talking to a relative that just sort of gets it. When I was with my folks, we were driving around town and I was having my earliest memories come floating back to the surface. Makes me really miss family.

My folks did drop enough hints that we should move closer to them. Yeah, I'm not even that nuts. They insisted I bring home a newspaper for Hubby to look through the want ads. I had to laugh as that so isn't happening.

Then I got an email from my MIL saying we could come live with them for a while until we can get back on our feet.

cricket, cricket

Um, thanks but no.

Then my FIL called later that night. Me, being evil, handed the phone to Hubby dear when I saw the phone number pop up. I knew what was coming and I so wasn't going to be the one to say golly gee that's nice of you but no. I already did that with my folks earlier so I think I fulfilled the bursting one's parents bubble quota for the week.

Is it wrong that I handed him the phone and said, "Toe pick!" and ran out of the room laughing? Really??? Huh. Oh well.

I'm not really sure I want to go to bed as he was telling me I will pay for my treachery. I ain't skert - he should be in a deep REM cycle by now.

But I will try to get some form of my blogging mojo back. Some way, some how.


Julie said...

If I said "toe pick" to Joe, he would have NO CLUE what I was talking about. *lol* ... Love that movie though! ;)

Kerri said...

Toooooooooeeeeeeeeee pick! LOVE it. Glad you're back...hope you feel better SOON!!!

Anna K. said...

Honey, you do whatcha gotta do! I haven't been hopping on the blog as much as I need to, but I've been enjoying our spring break and taking lots of pics.

Um, don't be surprised if my blog posts are pictures for a while....

Love the Cutting Edge quote!

Kaye Butler said...

If I said "toe pick" to Tim, he would say..."Woman you read my mind, I need my toe nails picked, cleand and clipped."

So we won't go there.

I leave that to Mary Margaret. She paints his toe nails too. They are pretty green right now.

Anyway...miss you on face book too!!!!

Love ya

jubilee said...

I love saying, "toe pick" when the opportunity arises. Alas, it doesn't arise enough . . .

And, you aren't evil, they are his parents, he can let them down gently! ;)