Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Month Is It Anyway?

I think April - especially the last 2 weeks of it - will always be a long a drawn out process for me. Seems like the first 2 weeks of April there was a lot of talk about taxes and then the rest of the month was just a whole lot of nothing. Maybe we were waiting to see if Uncle Sam showed up all freaky like - who knows? Just seemed to take for-evah for May to get here. Then once it does, next thing you know it's Memorial weekend and I'm scratching my head wondering where exactly did May go?

What could cause all this angst? I would say my mother for the first 2 weeks but J gets the angst for the last 2.

11 years ago, I was told my due date for the mysterious, alien life form I was carrying that acted like a kangaroo, was due April 26th. But they did say they weren't sure if that was right or not. Having gone early with twins and was told it was possible to go early again - April was a very long month of waiting.

I know this will shock you, but I'm not a fan of the waiting.

When it hit May, I started to act crazy. Well, crazier than normal. When I went in on May 5th to get induced AND GOT SENT HOME - I think I may have scared the ever-living snot out of my husband. What's the point of scaring someone if it's not to go after the ever-living snot? Who wants to scare dead snot any way?? What can I say, other than this is the product of having boys.

Moving on..

There was my terrified Hubby. He had faithfully tossed me Hershey chocolate bars - with almonds as there really is no other kind - every day to keep me from killing him. After a week of this he begged for the mid-wife to help. On top of that my in-laws informed me that they were coming to stay for a visit.

God have mercy on all their souls!! Cuz I know I threw a fit. I just chose to block that memory out. So did Hubby.

But the end of April will forever seem to drag out for me. Cuz in the middle of all this, a friend of mine from college decided I needed all the help I could get. And ended up telling my MIL she would need to leave before she came out for her visit. Why yes, you would be correct that my MIL was not too happy about this. I still remember those perticular fireworks too.

Rumor has it I begged the entire nursing staff to let me stay a few more days. But those are just silly rumors - can't believe everything you read anyway. Ahem!

Got an email and the in-laws should be coming up next week to celebrate J's birthday. I did have a moment of panic when the thought hit me of what do I do if my folks just show up without giving me any warning. I think I may have sort of blanked out there for a bit. I had these horrible visions but came too with Nicholas in my face going, "Moooom?? Don't worry I'll cause a diversion and the grandmas will duke it out." Sadly, this started a whole conversation of who's mom would win.

Wonder what normal people do with their free time?


Julie said...

I wonder why Joe never tosses me candy bars??? *lol*

Good luck! I think you may need it!


rthling said...

Hey, I have one of those early May kids, too. Mine was born on May 8th.

Dianne said...

OOOHHH mine is May 17. Tell my J happy birthday!

Young Wife said...

Ha, ha! Which grandma would win! May is almost here. Hang in there!