Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Freak Out - Again

Tuesday was a rainy day. I came down the steps and stumbled towards the frig. On the way there I happened to look out our window and noticed something off next door. Hooptyville aka the house butchered into apartments has been empty for like a week. I think everyone has moved out. Haven't seen any cars and thankfully it has been rather quiet.

So I noticed a red car in the back and saw 2 teens, a guy and a girl, who were wearing hoodies. Didn't think much of it but then saw the guy climb on a chair and crawled through a window. I went to the bathroom and wasn't sure what to think. When I came back out, the car was gone and no sign of either one. I didn't think much of it because of the caliber of people that have lived there and figured that someone got behind on their rent and was locked out.

Later that day, in the bathroom again, I heard a couple guys that said "check it out this window has been busted open". I sort of turned around and peeked out the bottom of the window and sure enough, saw another dude crawl through the window.

Such a high class of folks around here.

But the whole thing sort of freaked me out. First off, the guy and girl did this in the morning - during the day. Then the second 2 where in the afternoon but have no idea where they came from. Our postage stamp backgrounds are all blocked off so to have someone just be next door really freaked me out. Third, at night there used to be lights that clicked on. But since almost all the houses around us are up for sale - there is no one to replace their burned out bulbs. I look out my windows and it is dark. Granted, that is a good thing at night but...

We have a light in our driveway that will click on when it detects motion. We've had a few cat issues that means the stupid light has clicked on at all hours of the night. Did I mention this light shines right into our room? So now I'm wondering if it hasn't all been cats.

On top of all this, I think I ate something that did not set well with me. I baked a carrot cake and I was so miserable I couldn't even look at the thing. My stomach expanded 20 times it's normal size. Never in my life have I wanted to puke so badly. I just wanted something to exit and did not matter to me which end it picked. Yes, I was in that much pain. Took some gas pills and that helped.

So I decided I'll live. Maybe. I have no idea what I'm even typing right now but minor detail.

Then Hubby reminded me that it's that magical time of the year when our camping trip will be coming up.

Oh. Goodie.

I then said I thought I should bravely stay home and guard the place cuz those jokers had no problem doing their window climb in broad daylight. Didn't even use gloves they are so hard cord. I got the look from the guys. I don't think this is going to fly.

Dang it.

You would think I would put 2 and 2 together and start to come up with believable excuses to get out of this long before now. Wonder if minor food poisoning would count?


Kerri said...

Oh I TOTALLY think you should stay home and guard the house! We have a gun you could borrow if you need one! Seriously!!

Yeah, I don't think the boys would be too happy!

Julie said...

Did you call the cops and report them climbing through the window????

Anna K. said...

Um, I'd be calling the po-pos before the delinquents take over the hood!

I'd say food poisoning is a valid excuse to pass on camping!

Joanna said...

After all the junk we've seen happen next door - that was nothing.

Hubby said he took me camping half dead last year so no luck getting out of it. :(

jubilee said...

Ack! Camping! I feel your pain.

Kaye Butler said...

i remember you posting about the half dead camping trip. Darn.

im boring today. whats up with me?

Anonymous said...

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