Saturday, May 29, 2010


Not sure why this doesn't want to post right but hey - it's just great.

Got to love right after posting something good we get a few monkey wrenches thrown in. Hubs came home and said had to get the truck in the shop. For him to move on it that fast? Ok. At first the garage told us that the guy who worked on it first was wrong. Another day goes by, turns out it was fine. Got it back on Friday which is sort of good because Hubby hasn't had work last few days and will be back on unemployment as of Monday.


I tried to add some highlights to my hair to sort of blend with Babette a bit better. I sort of fried my hair and it doesn't blend at all.


(For the locals) Got to hear Matt Cramer win the funniest person of Grand Rapids. He so nailed it! Thanks Matt for taking the high road and leaving out the nasty jokes. Totally smoked the competition and he deserved it.


Although I'm sort of miffed I got carded at the door. For reals?? Even told the guy he had to be kidding me. Took me forever to dig out my old lady wallet to get my ID. When the guy saw my ID, he said, "Oh" and threw it back at me. Pompous punk. I'm older than he is and he just realized it. Does cougar mean you kick these snot nosed punks head up their rear end??? No?


We took the boys to see Shrek 4. It was actually better than what I thought it would be so that was a relief.

So that was great.

We went shopping and got a bunch of stuff to send my cousin a care package. I love being able to do this. I have no clue what the heck we are going to do but this is fun to be a blessing to someone else.

Super great.

We are getting stalked by our mortgage company. We came home after seeing Shrek 4 to find a note that they are checking up to see if the place is secure or if we abandoned the place. It said to call the mortgage company regarding our account. Hubby did and once again they said they can't talk to him until the bankruptcy is final. What the heck? You're bugging us remember?


We were going to go to Shipshewana, IN to the flea markets this Wednesday but it's supposed to rain. So that's now a no go.


It is raining and thundering which means if it doesn't let up Hubby won't be able to grill.


I'm sort of vegging out with a book and parking my butt in front of the air conditioner which is my idea of great.

That's sort of how it's been lately, just all over the place. Jolly good. Which may be a sarcastic great.

Have a safe Memorial Day!! Thanks for all who have served.


Julie said...

I never liked the Shrek movies... Too much potty humor for me. *lol*

Your mortgage company sounds like a pain... When will the bankrupsy go through?

Praise and Coffee said...

I am still bitter that you were carded and I was not.

I'll get over it.

At least the big ole (not funny) comedian dude thinks I'm hot...even though he has no idea who I am.

Joanna said...

But he announced it to the whole place - you hottie, you.

I think I may have gotten a paper cut from trying to catch my discarded id. sheesh! ;)