Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Sigh

While I should be passed out and drooling right now, I thought I would post something that will probably only make sense to me, which really is most of this blog. But that is neither here nor there.

Jared had a good birthday. My folks did not show up - didn't even call. I can tell this is an epic pout. No card for the dude but then again they probably would send a check that my bank wouldn't cash cuz they're just crazy stupid like that. I feel this odd mixture of relief and yet sadness all at the same time. I'm trying to care but sort of failing at it.

But birthday boy was his normal goofy self. I'm too tired to try and post any pictures. Can not believe my baby is 11. Oh boy, another round of tweendom. I am so praying like crazy that he's much easier to deal with in the next few years than what his brothers have been. I've heard that teenagers are just large 2 yr olds. I sort of get that now and J was a very good 2 yr old, so I'm thinking it should be all good in the hood.

My MIL and I stayed up until the wee hours talking. And by wee hours, I mean Hubby came down the steps to go to work. Dang - time really does fly. I did get the eyebrow arch of judgement. It was funny because later that night I caught Michael giving Pap the eyebrow arch of you are toast. Then I made them do a father and son eyebrow arch of judgement. Yes, I'm weird but you already knew that.

We got the boys shopping all done. Came home and got the cake all baked and decorated. Made one of his favorite meals and the scarfing began. We decided we would do the cake a little bit later. I laid down on the couch, and according to Hubby, was out cold. He woke me up around 10 so we could give the boy his cake.


So now everyone has gone off to bed, the place is quiet, and I'm now getting hit with a sugar rush.

Oh irony, how you love to mock and scorn me.

While I should go empty the dishwasher and load it up again, my bod is saying, "listen chick, not only do I not feel like it, but I will revolt." I've never been threatened before to this level by myself so I'm thinking I won't push it. Instead I pushed a pain reliever pm down my throat to help with the aid of sleep.

I'm going to need all the help I can get cuz I will be having retail therapy at some point. Let me tell you, the anointing has already hit for my MIL. We have a discount drug store up here. You go to wally world and the wally world brand on meds is made around these here parts. Suddenly the crack heads down the street make sense now. Anywho, one of the employees had a gift card and basically ended up paying for my MIL's stuff.

Leave it to her. I'm telling you, she has a gift.

She says she is feeling a strong shopping anointing and really, who am I to not yield to the anointing?? That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

I will say I am just loving my guys. I'm not going to write a big sappy post about J cuz I'm really having a hard time knowing that time is just galloping by. But I will say that I got Michael today. I got the full body tackle hug - in public.

Happy sigh

He wants some guitar music and was saving his money for it but I could tell there was a couple things he wanted to get. I told him get the video game and the Lego kit and I would help with the music. When it was all said and done, he spent more than what he was planning and had a lot less than what he thought. I could tell it just got to him bad.

He has the most expressive brown eyes I have ever seen. Always have. He was a little kid and his eyes would get the size of dinner plates and you just knew what he was feeling. His eyes do a lot of the talking for him. I knew he wanted the video game and he's been talking about the Lego thing for months. I could tell he was beating himself up for not planning it better and was trying to figure out how he messed up.

I leaned over and said I'll still help cover the music. Relief washed over his face and those eyes! Just loved it. And he tackle hugged me right there in wally world. For me, it was just priceless. He is always so appreciative when we get him stuff and his reactions just make it totally worth it.

I did get chuckling at the older two. Last weekend we had to run a bunch of errands. We ended up near the guitar store and had gone in. As I later heard it from them, I rushed them and didn't let them just look. I started to argue but knew they were right. So getting the music M wants will put us near the same store and I'm thinking the guys will get dropped off as I run a different errand and there will be peace in the land.

Thus securing my status as one cool momma.


Young Wife said...

My MIL says that if you get a really great parking spot at the mall, it must be God's will for you to shop!

Kerri said...

YAY! What an awesome post!! I'm glad to "hear" a smile from all of ya'll! I need to go shopping with you and your MIL!!!

Call me when you have time....
Love ya

Kaye Butler said...

Don't you just love those kind of hugs? The ones they mow you down with?

I'm still breathing and reading...just extremely busy!

Happy birthday to J man

P. Whiter said...
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jubilee said...

So glad to hear it was a good day. When I get a hug from my oldest, it's a rare treat and always worth the wait.