Monday, May 24, 2010

I Think I'm LOST

If you haven't watched LOST yet you might not want to read any further. But how could you not??

I'm both happy and confused about the ending of LOST. I was so glad to see people back together but totally confused on the whole flash sideways and people not knowing each other to suddenly remembering and then sort of in a heaven like setting.

Hubby totally got it and said I'm missing the point. I watched Jimmy Kimmel and he said he feels that LOST was mainly Jack's story. While the other people were a part of it - it still circled all around Jack.

Doesn't Hurley have the biggest puppy dog eyes you've ever seen? When Jack told Hurley it's you, it's always been you and when Hurley looked at Ben and asked for help - mercy!

It's weird because part of me still wants some answers but another part of me doesn't care as I'm happy it's over with but sad at the same time. The guy that played Locke said it best - "it's like coming to an end of a good book - you don't want it to end but you finish it and say wow that was good."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a show that has driven me bonkers with what the hey moments was going to leave me slightly hanging but at least happy that they are back together - sort of. Whatever. It's over.

Guess this means I now have my Tuesday nights back.


rthling said...

I don't really have words for the finale. I was sad, excited, got chills when Sawyer and Juliet flashed, mad that they are all dead, confused about why some of them died, when they weren't on the plane in the first place, glad to see it finally end, and, and, and...
sigh! No more Josh Holloway. Gonna have to hang a poster in my closet, where my daughter won't see it.

Joanna said...

Yeah there was one season anytime Sawyer was on I forgot my name. sigh

Ok, I've heard a lot of chatter that the flash sideways only was Purgatory. Once they made peace with it all they could go into the after life. Ben wasn't ready, Michael was still stuck on the island over all the guilt he felt.
IF they would have been dead the whole time Sayid and Shannon (hated her) never would have hooked up - same for Sawyer/Juilet, Jack/Kate.

I think at this point hot diggity dog the whole thing is DONE. Gosh what am I going to do with my Tuesdays???

Kerri said...

Yes, but we know where we will NOT be going if we DO go outon Tuesday again!!! YIKES.