Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh Mah Garsh

Could someone pah-lease erase the target off my back?! My busy few days was my yearly torture of our camping trip. With all the neighborhood creeps, I didn't feel comfortable to announce Hey, we're going camping - come and get it. No thanks.

Sooo I painted on a smile, told myself -and the guys - that I was doing this cuz I love them. I left out the fine print that some how, some way I will make them all pay but why clue them in to my evil ways??

Actually, that's not entirely true. I know Hubby loves to do this. I watch as the muscles start to relax in his tightly wound body. Dude has been stressing for a while. Both of us have. So I thought this would be good to help him unwind.

Cue some doomsday music.

I'm slightly worried that this kind of crap is only happening to me. Don't believe me? How can you explain all of this?

We are 3 miles away from the campsite. This really is in the middle of no where. It is over a half hour to get to a place where you can get a signal for a cell phone. We know as we found out the hard way.

We're on this primitive road, bouncing away when kerblewy. Hubby was trying to tell me it was just a flat knowing I was about seconds away from panic mode. We weren't even out of the truck and I knew it wasn't a blown tire. I think it was a ball joint that went and it landed on a tire rod or something like that. It twisted in the wheel a bit and there was no way we could limp it along to anywhere.

I did mention we were in the middle of no where right? I dubbed the place Booger Fling, Mi because that's about all you do - fling your boogies as you're driving down the road on your way to civilization.

Those muscles that were suppose to start relaxing just amped up by about a 1000. Houston we have a problem. The twins, smartly, kept their mouths shut verses Jared was about one more whine of I don't want to be here comment from getting smacked upside the head.

Luckily a guy stopped and took Fred to go find a garage. They did and came back. The guy, bless his heart, offered to help us heft all our stuff to where they were staying at cabins. Now Hubby is like the ultimate boyscout of always be prepared. We even have to bring our water.

Tell me again why I put up with this??

There was no way we could heft all our crap even a few feet away. So we decided that Hubby would go with the guy to their cabin to call a tow truck and the boys and I emptied the truck.

Shout out to Nicholas and Michael who stepped up and hauled some serious booty to get r done. Jared, well, we let him live. I got so tired of the whining, I told him to sit in the truck and stay out of my way or so help me. Dude is terrified of just about anything with wings - like bugs. Guess what there are a lot of in Booger Fling, Mi? Bugs.

We were almost done when Hubs got back. He helped us finish the last of it when the tow truck got there. I was really surprised he got there that fast. I also think Hubby has some sort of connection to his truck and may have fought a tear or 2 as he watched the truck fade into the distance.

We were now on the clock and had to haul butt to get camp set up before we lost light. Luckily Dude brought 2 tents because we were able to put all the food and clothes and all the other stuff we left in the truck in the other tent. It worked out so well, we think this may be a new system.

That is if they ever get my butt to go again but I'll leave that surprise for next year.

I will say that right at the beginning I was really ticked off at God. We had all prayed about what week to go, protection over stuff - you name it, we covered it. We were all a bit stunned for this to have happen. Cuz it was bad. But I stopped myself and suddenly all the different ways it could have happen started going through my head. Like on the highway or on pavement. If we would have made it to the campsite, which we found out later already had people there, the tow truck wouldn't have been able to have found us. If we were farther down the road our truck would have blocked traffic not to mention where we broke down actually had room for us to set up camp verses a lot of other places didn't.

I started pointed this out to the guys. I don't know about them but I know my attitude change right quick and I was thanking God for keeping us safe.

Next day, Hubs hoofed it over 2 miles to the guy with the land line. He drives Hubs back and the 2 of them just hit it off great. Turns out we were being mocked by everyone in Booger Fling, Mi for being the idiots who camped on the side of the road.

The nerve.

Let me tell you, we had just about everyone stop to tell us there were better places to camp and then we had to tell them we had no choice. As the boys and I were unloading the truck, 1 guy stopped and wanted to know if my old man had kicked me out and if I needed some help or a place to stay. I looked at his 2 little booger eaters and I was waiting for 1 of them to ask if they were getting a new momma. Um, no. Dude seemed disappointed when I told him my HUSBAND was already getting a tow truck. He drove away and Nicholas, who was standing right there the whole time, asked me if the guy was hitting on me.

Seriously, y'all need to tell me why I put up with this crap.

This all happened Saturday and we got the truck back Sunday evening. It cost less than what we were thinking so that was another sigh of relief.

So now that Hubby got his truck back, he was in a much better mood. As for me, well I was camping in a tent on the side of the road getting hit on by every other car that went by cuz it turns out I'm hotter than a booger. Who knew? Thankfully the trucks were all the old geezers that just shook their heads at us idiots. But I make it sound like there was loads of traffic. Try 20 cars for the whole day.

All that to find out it was the worst season for mushroom hunting. The whole area had an early spring and then about 2 weeks ago got hit with 3 inches of snow. We found 2 mushrooms.

But all in all, we really pulled together as a team and got it done. I am so happy that is over with and even more happy to be home!!! Just in time to find out aunt flo is here for a visit.



Anna K. said...

So proud of you for thinking of all the ways your situation could have been worse and thanking God for his protection...it prob'ly woulda taken me longer to get to that point!

Did the boys have fun in Booger Fling, MI? ;o)

rthling said...

You are such a Pollyanna!

Joanna said...

Believe me when I tell you I am not a positive person!!! I am the first one to say we're doomed! Or we're screwed!

grandmamargie said...

At least she waited until you got home to "drop by".

Julie said...

OMWord... I would NOT have taken that as well as you!

I like to camp... But not like that. I like me some state (or county) campgrounds that have flush toilets and running water... And I LOVE our trailer. *lol*

Poor you!


Young Wife said...

Sorry about the truck, but good for you for praising Him even in the bad times. That's hilarious that some random guy thought your hubby had kicked you out!

Kerri said...

Pollyanna??? {snort!} That's a good one!! : )