Monday, May 10, 2010

Rocking Weekend

Talk about a whirl-wind weekend! Had a great visit with the in-laws. I tried really, really hard not to laugh when they begged us to move to PA.

The shopping anointing was working in full strength. Got stuff on sale and my MIL picked up the tab. And I lifted holy hands in thanksgiving. Plus she brought up a bag of shoes she didn't really use. My MIL has shoe issues as in there are never enough shoes. I could fit about half of them and the rest my wide duck feet would not go in no matter how hard I pushed. Sort of felt like one of the ugly step-sisters from Cinderella.

We had more shopping fun Saturday. We dropped off the guys (except Jared) at Guitar Center while my MIL, J and I hit a couple other stores. I think Guitar Center is now the new Chuck E. Cheese for my boys. They are still talking about it. M got to play around with an electric guitar while N fell in love with a digital piano. Both boys were complimented on their playing and this totally made their day. Scratch that - their month.

We ended up going to one of J's favorite places - CeCe's Pizza. And you better believe he went a bit crazy with the mac and cheese pizza all while I tried not to gag thinking about it. Whatever floats their boat.

We also hit the Christian bookstore. I'm thinking this may be my mecca or my crack dealer, I'm not sure which. The anointing somehow had a truck load of books all on clearance. I think I was in the second verse of the hallelujah chorus when Hubs showed me what all he found and then we both about caused a scene. When we check out we started giggling at how small the total was. Hubby said if had only known the amount he would have grabbed a few other things.

Why yes, we have issues. Whatever gave us away? What can I say? We really like books.

Sunday we wrapped it all up by going to Cracker Barrel and once the in-laws left we went and saw Iron Man 2. I have been informed that I totally rock and make the rest of you moms look like total slackers. At least according to my spawn so nothing personal.

But it went way too fast and we all had fun. Although I'm not sure Hubby did. I think the 500 hints to move to PA sort of got on his nerves. In an attempt to change the subject, I did have my FIL check out our van. From what I've gathered we're either going to need to dump a lot of money into it or get a new one. Way to change the topic - go me! Too bad it didn't do anything for Hubby's mood. Sorry dear!


Anna K. said...

Well, of course you rock! Can we dub you Iron Mom...?

Sounds like you had a fabbo weekend with the fam. I understand about the hint thing. My in-laws say they want to move down here every time they visit. They stopped the "move up to PA" hints a long time ago!

Kaye Butler said...

Happy Late Mother's Day, totally rocking Mom!

Young Wife said...

You go, Mom! I love it when I find a good clearance at the Christian book store.

Julie said...

Sounds like a nice weekend!!! ... even with all the moving hints. *lol*

Kerri said...

You rawk dude!

I'm SO glad you had a great weekend!!

Um, and yah. You are SO not allowed to move further than 30 minutes away. Nope. Okay, MAYBE an hour so we can meet in the middle 30 minutes each way. But that's it!!

jubilee said...

If ya move to Penn then you'll be closer to me. But don't tell your hubby that. Wouldn't want to rock the boat anymore than it already has been rocked.

So glad that the shopping anointing was in full swing and splashed onto you. Love it when that happens.

My mom buys in bulk and every once in a while I get to go shopping in her pantry. Love it!