Friday, May 21, 2010

Will I Ever See My Floor Again?

Our place is trashed. I'm still trying to get all the camping laundry done. On top of that we got some of our home school books in so there are boxes and wrappers from that. I already had stuff out to finish off the school year. Plus I pulled some of my scrapbook stuff out because the bug has bitten me. This was before we went camping but now it is just a mountain of stuff.

I can't see my floor, there aren't any clean table tops, 2 couches are buried under clean laundry and I am fresh out of ambition. About this time one of the boys asked what to eat.


I wonder if we can survive off of left over potato chips and M&Ms?

Makes for no blog post that's for sure. It is just a weird time of year as it seems like there is just too much stuff to do. I've noticed everyone seems to be getting hit with it.

If that wasn't a pathetic enough excuse, I have books to read. Kerri introduced me to a Bargain Book store and oh sweet Jesus, help me to have self control. I really need some brain fluff right now too.

I have been a bit overwhelmed looking and trying to plan the next school year. I've been researching on what the law is for homeschooling through high school. They recommend you plan the next 4 years. After I stopped breathing through a paper bag, Hubby said I went bazerk. I never did post the huge fight we ended up having over school stuff. In front of our kids. We are so going to medal on that worst parent awards this year.

I got some music stuff for the kids and they have already snatched that up and are going to town with it. Which means my wonderful plan of using that to bribe them to get their other stuff done has now just gone up in flames. Why do I even bother to plan when all my plans seem to suck?

Riddle me that one.

But I will say while I was going through some of my scrapbook stuff, I found some of the goofy stuff I've done for the kids. I remember when they were totally into spy stuff. 1 year we got them all the same coats, J's was a smaller size, and to tell them apart I made them like an id with their spy code name but also had contact number on it just in case type of thing - all on their favorite color of paper and then laminated it. I found a copy of one of those and I asked the boys if they remembered it. They said, "Oh yeah! You are such a cool mom with all the different little things you've done over the years."

Cue Kleenex patrol cuz I just about bawled right there on the spot! Seriously. Because there are times that they don't remember a ton of stuff. This made me so happy - I handed out some M&Ms.

Happy sigh to replace I'm a loser sigh.


Lorraine said...

Please share more details of the Bargain book store! I always used homeschooling as a good excuse to buy books...had to have lots available for reference! No longer homeschooling...still buying books!

Anna K. said...

Well, of course you're a cool mom! Those boys are pretty smart (and quite mature) to tell you so!

My bedroom has turned into the endless laundry abyss...have no idea when I'll see hardwood flooring again...

Joanna said...

Lorraine - They have all kinds of books - even saw some quilting books. It's on Stadium Dr next to where the K-Mart use-ta-was. ;)

Anna - at least you have contained it to 1 room. Sigh

Kerri said...

Use-ta-was. {snort}