Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And They Say Women Can't Make Up Their Minds

I'm not really sure who they are but whoever it is, I beg to differ cuz I can sort of make up my mind. And I'm now worried I sound like my Mom in the throws of a full blown conspiracy theory rant.


Hubby's truck has had some ish-yahs. It's been in the shop a few times now and we decided, what the hey lets finally pay that deductible and get the stinking windshield fixed. The tiny chip it came with turned into a crack, followed by another crack. Then a couple months ago on 1 of the few days Hubs worked, he got kersmacked with something and it was bad.

Calls were made, appointment was set up. New windshield was to be had. I will give these people credit, they came to us and sent us emails of what Larry the scary guy looks like and a reassurance that they screen for drugs from all their employees.

That was actually reassuring.

Dude even called to let Hubs know when to expect him. He was only 8 minutes late. The funny part is he used to work for a contractor that Hubs knew. Which that just screams all kinds of Run Forrest, run! Go find another job!

So I added that last part.

The guy was very nice and got r done. It looked like it wanted to rain the whole day but thankfully it didn't. Hubby recommends them - I just can't remember what the name of the company is. I'm so observant.

I can tell Hubby is happy to have Clifford, the big red truck, fixed up. I caught him paroozing for a new cap because I think even he's tired of the redneck cap he's sporting right now. We painted it a lot of years ago which is now starting to say adios. Clifford looks to be a bit confused. Pick a color and go with it already.

Speaking of confused. Our van is taking issues to a whole new level, much like it's owners. Hubby was vehicle shopping and wouldn't you know it, we found THEE one. Trouble with that is when we pray about it we don't get any peace. We pray about thee one and get a green light but get a red light for a loan. What the hey??? Anyone out there with some extra money shoved in their mattress thinking it's too full want to part with it?

Yeah, didn't think so.

I really, really, really hate all this limbo and lack of direction. My control freak butt likes to know what to expect and I hate to be sucker punched. Too bad life is a lot like getting sucker punched. Bam! Never see it coming.

Hubs called the lawyer to find out what is going on as we can't get a car loan until we have the discharge papers. Ok, got the papers the other day which means it is only a matter of time before the whole housing is going to be an issue. Then to hear no on the loan but yes to the vehicle has me scratching my head.

It doesn't help that I've been having massive hissy fits over Hubs' job and the lack of it, the lack of paycheck, the fact that we've had to live off our tax return money instead of saving money because the job is sucking. Toss in the vehicle issues and God telling us a different plan but zero on the details.....(pant, pant) it's been confusing to say the least.

I was talking with my oldest friend, something I remind her of often which now answers my question of why we don't talk as much. She pretty much read my mail and proceeded to slipper slap me upside the head. Repeatedly. She said I've always wrestled with abandonment issues and I need to keep reminding myself that God hasn't abandoned me. I won't repeat what I said but it went along the lines of prove it.

Yesterday we found out thee vehicle just sold. I was upset to say the least. Then Hubby comes home and the job they had - signed contract that was to last them the next 3 weeks taking him off of unemployment - got canceled. Looks like he'll be on unemployment a bit longer.

He has been looking for other work. It has just been a lot of closed doors, a lot of unknowns, and a lot of frustration.

And I'm trying not to panic as the clock is starting to tick.

Certainly feels like abandonment to me.

My folks sent me an email saying that they have been praying we would go through the refiners fire and this is something we need to go through. I really wish they would stop praying for me.


Jill V. said...

isn't that soooo nice of your parents to pray for YOU to go through some refinin'...Let's pray that Blessing upon then also:-) Can we say Speck/plank?

Joanna said...

Can I hit them with the plank or am I stuck with the speck??