Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It was not a good day. I don't know if it is a full moon out or what the deal is but angst has been in the air. At least from me.

The computer refused to print out my grocery chart so I could make my grocery list because the dreaded time of loading of the carts is upon us. Just had several things not go according to plan and just sort of put me in a foul mood.

I know, I know - big shock from the normal.

It was just one of those days were I was like blow it all to hell. One thing after another kept piling up. My Mom is fruitin' out over making relish. She wants us to do it together. Which I've now grown accustom to mean I pay for all the ingredients, do all the work while she stands around and tells me how I didn't do it right and waltz out the door with a case of it.

I do remember as she's pulled this before.

Hubby is sort of working, sort of not. Personally, I'm getting a wee bit nervous over the whole thing. There was talk today that there may be a cut in pay. Seriously?? You want dude to do same amount of work for less pay? What he's bringing home now barely covers groceries and the utilities. So much for saving money.

This is just not setting well with me. We don't know from day to day if he's going to work. We had plans and then those plans get crapped on and then we're left wondering now what? I got a pep-talk from a friend of mine telling me that everything will be okay as she went off to Disney World. Yeah, glad it's okay in your world but that isn't what I have on my plate.

While I was on the phone, Jared came up and handed me part of a baby tooth. Not good. We don't have health insurance, or see a dentist or doctor on any regular schedule. Try never. This is the second time it broke in like a couple days. Now there is a small chunk of old tooth left but up in the gum and I can't get it out. I will be calling the dentist to see how fast they can get him in. I have this annoying feeling it's going to be at the same time I have something else going on for someone else.

Dang. Dang. Double dang.

In other TMI news, I tried 1 of those Fiber One frozen muffins. They are actually not as bad as what I thought they would be but word to the wise, it may give your butt the dry heaves. Just saying. I at least got to finish a book I was reading with all that quality time in the bathroom. I think my legs are still asleep.

The guys have been steering clear of me cuz I was sort of on the war path. I was on the phone with Hubby venting when J dropped a Nerf thing and it crashed to the floor. It was the 5th time he did this in under 10 minutes. I totally lost it. Screw Calgon, give me a vehicle that will not stall out if I travel more than 10 minutes away from home.

Just been a rough year and when you have a day or 3 that just go all wonky - amps up the hey this was a sucky year kind of feeling. Grr! Hate that feeling.

On top of that, it seems like ya'll have a life and have no time for blogging any more. I have like zero traffic right now which just adds to the feeling of where did everybody go?? And why do I do this?

I'm now hoping auntie flo is in for a visit cuz my emotions are just raw and ugly. Makes for a bad blog post but then again, it's not like I put out award winning stuff either.

I would like to thank the Academy Awards of Sarcasm for finally recognizing my potential - that thing which my mother accused me of never reaching. Goodness knows, I've spent years researching and practicing when that right zing moment would be.

Actually, that's not true. I usually blurt it out and then had to ask if I just said that out loud.



Kerri said...

: ( I could tell you weren't "yourself" on the phone yesterday. I sorry. Wish there was something I could do. Let's skip Beth and just go McTalking, then to the eye doc. We need to tawk. Wub you.

Dianne said...

rapture practice?

grandmamargie said...

I'm here. And I come by everyday. Just not a lot of good going on in my life right now either. Except, of course, Miss A Dora Ble. She turned 4 yesterday and we were able to get her for a little while.

rthling said...

I've been here, too. Don't know why I haven't commented, except that I feel your pain, and who needs to hear that, right? I should be telling you that it's gonna be okay and quoting scripture or something.
I'm a bad bloggy friend. I know.

Joanna said...

Kerri - did we ever pick a time??

Dianne - ready when you are.

Margie - I wondered what happened to you. She's 4? Wah!

D - you're not a bad bloggy friend. I'm sort of hard to cheer up. Either I cheer myself up or I tell people to bite me.
My Dad always said "cheer up it could get worse, so I cheered up and sure enough it got worse." Hilarity.

Julie said...

Sounds like it's one of those weeks! (Ok, years) ... Hope things are looking up.


jubilee said...

Gah! Ick! Blah! (Translation: me too.)

Kerri said...

THERE'S the dry heaves! I was looking for it...can't believe I missed it!