Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I'm thinking my brain is working against me. Or maybe it's just worn out. Nicholas has accused me of having special powers of reading his mind. It's called been there, done that, I know what you're up to kid.

It doesn't help when they jump in and interrupting every.single.thought.I ever had. Or even thought of having.

Where was I?

I was either amusing myself with spit bubbles or I was playing yet another round of Farmville. It may be a bit of both.

So I actually had a blog post rolling around in my head but sadly the guys have chased it off and I'm just left with the quivering part of the brain that gets easily distr....hey I found a penny!

You want a penny for my thought? Dang are you going to get screwed on this deal.

My thought for the day is I think my folks are rolling in guilt. Well, I think just my Dad. At least I hope he is. There was a graduation party this last weekend for a second cousin and since I've only seen the kid once, I didn't go. Mom had offered to let me ride down with them. Oh, could I really?? I told her I already had plans, I just left out the details of it being painting my toenails.

Minor detail.

Anyhoo, it has come to my attention, from more than one source, that my Dad ran around telling everyone who had ears that we are absolutely going to lose our house. Come again? Do you have insider information that I don't??

A bit of a side note on that. The mortgage company can't even talk to us let alone work out any plan or even kick our butts to the curb until the bankruptcy is discharged. I'm thinking an angel is sitting on the paperwork because it should have been processed by now. Hubs called the lawyer and while we never got a return phone call, I have heard that the courts are a bit backed up.

So we still don't know jack. Yet my Dad is running around telling everyone it is only a matter of months until we are totally screwed. Wow. Thanks for standing with us in prayer believing for a good outcome. And yet they say I'm the negative one???

I get a card today from my Dad. It went on to say he's been thinking about me. He sent me some money requesting I spend it on just me as God instructed him to bless me.


Screams guilt to me.

Honestly, I'm not sure how to handle this. I told Hubby I just don't have the energy to deal with them anymore. I'm tired of getting attacked, I'm tired of having parents that one day want to beat me over the head with scripture and the next tell me I'm full of unbelief and fear. I am tired of all of it. The timing of it just frustrates me to boot.

Hubs and I have been trying to stay focused and in total unity as we are praying and seeking after God for directions on some things. Things that have thrown us both for a loop. I know both of us are very stuck on the details right now and to be honest, I'm having a very hard time seeing beyond those details.

I don't want distractions. I don't need distractions. I need some answers and being around people who speak out of both sides of their mouths does not help at all. All 5 of us have been on each other of watching what we're saying. I think the boys feel this is a new game and are keeping score that some days I totally suck at it.

Right now the detail of how is just one big wall of ruh-roh raggie. How is this going to happen and are you sure we heard you right???

But who needs details anyway? (Me) It's not like people really need them. (I do) Most people are able to just wing it. (My butt can't fly) Everything will work out and I just know someone from my group is going to say, "I just love it when a plan comes together."

You better believe we are going to see that movie, btw. I'm not sure when but it will happen. Mark my words.


Julie said...

It so wasn't your Dad's place to say anything to anyone about your money issues! *sigh* ... I just don't get some people!

jubilee said...

My butt doesn't fly either . . .