Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I think the weekend's humidity cut the top off my head, scooped out part of my brain that has any chance at ambition, then ran away with it. Can't wait until it realizes it got a raw deal on that as I don't have much ambition to begin with.

The guys watched a marathon of the A-team. Hubby and I totally rocked out with the theme song. The boys wanted to know how come we know it so well. We were like, hello? we lived on this show.

I still have the theme song going through my head. I'm starting to whimper a bit cuz I can't stop myself.

Jared said he had a dream he was on the A-team. He was J.B.A. When we asked, he said Jared Bad Aim. He certainly has a point with that one. Those guys didn't hit much. Hubby had to point out that wasting a guy on TV wasn't kosher back in the day.

J found some old toy machine guns. He got Hubby to put knew batteries in them. I will fork stab him for that later.

J went running through the house singing the theme song hosing everything down. Michael didn't even miss a beat and said, "he's living the dream." Too funny.

We went to wally world last night for the loading of the carts. Since LOST is no more, I guess we have to do something with our Tuesdays now. McTalking is a no way on Tuesday nights as it's family night which means there are twice as many brats that are allowed to run free. So off to stuffmart it was. I'm not sure the wisdom of this because we weren't able to get our regular gal that checks us out super fast. Instead we got Skippy the wonder twit who has 2 speeds - extra slow and reboot.

The lady in front of us wanted to argue with the kid about something. I have no idea what was going on as I was at the end of our train so couldn't hear what the fuss was about. Nor could I drop 500 sarcastic comments (that anyone could hear).

I was so frustrated with this guy that by the time I got to the check out, I didn't even bother with my coupons. I could have saved $5 but was just this shy of going postal and wanted to get out of there before the eye twitching took over.

Took Hubby dear a while to talk me off the cliff. Which was good because we spent a lot of time just talking about some things and what all the future holds. He is freaking me out a little bit. I really do wonder what is in store for us. More importantly I wonder how it's all going to come together and just click.

All that rolling through my head made for some tossing and turning. I was just starting to drift off when we had some serious storms blow in. I've never seen flashes of light that bright before. It didn't help that the other night we watch the Left Behind movie so my half asleep brain was screaming this is the end!

Sort of a miracle I'm not medicated, huh?

All that rolling around in my head means I didn't get much sleep. Wonder if I can take a nap? Probably not. Nicholas informed me he needs a hair cut like now. I forgot I have nothing better to do than fulfill their every whim.


Julie said...

Boy, I haven't watched the A-Team since it was primetime back in the 80s... I used to love that show!


Joanna said...

Me too!

Dianne said...

About the end of time thing, don't you sometimes just look at that stuff and say, "WHY CANT THIS BE THE DAY?" or is that just me?

Kerri said...

Did you see they are coming out with an A-Team movie??? Or have you seen it aleady?

LOVE the new background!
REALLY love your stuffmart posts!