Friday, June 18, 2010

I Have No Idea Why My Blog Posts Aren't Posting

Or some other lame-o excuse I can come up with.

I think my date stamp got out of whack or something. Don't know, don't care. And judging from the zero traffic I've had all week, chances are no else does either.

Tell me again, why do I blog??

I'm not even sure if my bro from another mo even reads this any more. And Gangsta Ninja may have totally given up on me.

Would not be the first person. Wait, that sounded a bit bitter. I would say all things are normal then.

I did get an email asking me to explain the Twitter comment.

The other night we were having tacos. We had extra flour tortillas so Hubby made them double deckers. He was spreading on the refried beans when Jared did his walk-by. He walks by to see whatever food is being made and decides if he's willing to eat any of it. He watched Hubs for a bit and asked what was it. Not even missing a beat, that man told my child it's Mexican peanut butter.

This did not go over well with J. He refused to try it.

I could not stop laughing. Tears, people. Tears of laughter.

Hours later I was still laughing about it. And I have no idea why. I hope this isn't an early sign of something more serious.


Fuschia said...

I love it when messing with my kids actually works!!

rthling said...

Mexican peanut butter.
Now THAT'S funny!

grandmamargie said...

Yuck. :)

Kerri said...

Mexican peanut butter. Nice!
I will call ya later...much to discuss!

Kerri said...

Oh! I left an award for you on my blog! Go check it out!

Praise and Coffee said...

That is funny!!