Monday, June 21, 2010

I Survived!

Although I feel like I was run over with a mac truck. What could be so gruesome? The annual home school book sale was today and, yet again, it was packed. Picture a gym size room packed with tables full of stuff and then cram a bunch of people in there - with just fans to "cool" you off.

Thought I was going to die.

Hubby wasn't working so I forced him to come with me and we ditched the spawn. Cuz we're livin' on the edge. I got a bunch of books for not much. I kept yelling at Hubs "I need a dollar!" and I stopped making eye contact with him from all his teasing.

I am a bit peeved. The older 2 have a lot of classical books they need to read for Lit. I found a lady that had a truck load of cliff notes on several of the books I needed to get. Hubby dear said no as that would be cheating.

It was another moment in where I questioned why did he pick me.

Although he's never had to go several rounds with Nicholas on how much he'll fight reading. I've found if you tell him he needs to read it then he will refuse to do so. THAT he got from his dad NOT me. Hubby is, of course, denying it. Whatever. I can so get his mother to back me on this one.

In the end, I only got 1 cliff note book. I was bummed. But all in all, we got a lot of stuff for not a whole lot. Books on the cheap? As close to heaven as I can get. That and chocolate on demand...and not having to do any laundry or answer 500 question and...

You get my point.

Phooey. Just had a bunch of thunder go off and the lights flickers. Oh please, oh please, please don't let the lights go out. I won't be able to sleep if I don't have the fans and the air conditioner going. It's only a window unit but it's better than nothing.

Whoa! Looks like I better hop off.


Julie said...

I wish I knew of some of these homeschool things in my area... I wouldn't mind going to one!