Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Think I See A Pattern

Seems like every time we go camping, we end up buying a truck load of extra food. This isn't all bad as this cuts down on the grocery bill as I don't have to buy as much for later. Trouble with that is it seems that we get to this point where oh my gosh we don't have anything left!!

You do remember these guys think eating is a hobby, right? Imagine the drama of what do you mean there's nothing to snack on???

The horror.

This means we had to run to stuffmart last night for the loading of the carts. But it turns out I need to hit Sam's as well and a few other places. Whee. Can't you just hear the excitement in my writing?

Crickets chirping

The nice thing about going last night was the place was pretty empty compared to a Friday where you are playing bumper carts. Not 1 screaming kid. I got a little verklempt over it. On top of that not 1 stink bomb was let off.

Boys saved my bacon by reminding me that this weekend is Father's day. Hubs has totally killed my schedule and with the boys on break from school stuff, I couldn't tell you what day it is let alone what month. Looking at the amount of cards we ended up getting, it must be June. My FIL's b-day is right around Father's day so he gets double the cards.

I still wonder if I can get a job making evil Hallmark cards. I can dream, can't I?

I was glad the boys reminded me. And I think the only way they remembered is we were in the men's section picking out a few shirts for them. Vicious cycle - you feed them and they grow. I finally broke down and dragged them upstairs and we went through their clothes. Jared was in a horrible state of denial by wearing clothes that no longer fit.

Turns out the older 2 were hording a whole new wardrobe for J. Which is good because I emptied out all of his shirts and shorts. I think he only had 2 shirts that still fit. I now have a small mountain of clothes to get rid of. Jared gets double of everything so he can go almost 2 weeks without needing to do laundry. I'm sort of skert that we are setting that one up to be a clothes horse.

But the older 2 realized that gosh they have a lot of room in their draws. I think those two wish they were clothes horses. We have to keep telling them we'll buy a bit at a time. Stuffmart had men's T-shirts with a pocket, which is oh so handy for their clip on shades, marked down to $4.50. So they picked up 2 a piece.

We had a 5 minute mini argument that they couldn't get 2 of the same color. Michael only wants to wear navy blue and Nicholas now only wants to wear black or grey. I guess he turned to the dark side and has given up on green. Actually that's not true, he said it has to be the right shade of green.


Then again, I've heard the same thing from Michael. Not sure if it's a twin thing or they just like to see how many grey hairs they can make pop out on my head.

I did find him the right shade of green and it was only $6. Can't beat that. So I made him put the grey shirt back and now that I think about it M did managed to get 2 dark blue shirts. Stinker.

We did discover that Nicholas has my sense of direction - none. I can't find my way out of a wet paper bag and it seems N can't find his way around a stuffmart. Good think M knew where he was going or I'm not so sure N would have made it to the bathroom. Sheesh.

I did make Nicholas' day. We were standing there talking when it dawned on me that I'm having to look up just a hair at him. We got to laughing because at our house, depending on where you stand, the height is different. For example, I'm taller than him in the family room but shorter in the kitchen but only by the frig.

Got to love an old house - how ever long it's still ours.

So this on-going pattern of feeding them and they grow doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon. I have to laugh about it because they were such short little runts for so long I sort of wonder how tall they'll get.


Kerri said...

{snort} You're taller depending on where you stand in the house! I'll bet there's a few places like that in this ol house too!
Love the stuffmart posts.

Young Wife said...

Ha! That's funny about the house. Our apartment has uneven floors and walls. We have quite a bit of trouble putting up the child gate we use to corral our dog.

Dianne said...

It has got to the point it doesnt matter in our house. I am now officially the shortest and might i add LIGHTEST person in the house.