Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To Infinity And Beyond

We had storms of biblical proportions last night. We were supposed to have more Noah like scenery Tuesday but didn't. Which sort of irks me because we could have done our outside plans but didn't because we thought it was going to rain. Now I hear Wednesday is going to be Noah-ish which will cancel the outside plans.

Thinking it was going to rain, we took the guys to see Toy Story 3. Loved it!! It was great and it lived up to all the hype. There was a moment where the mom walked into Andy's room and all his stuff was packed up and it just hits that he's leaving home and it's not going to be the same.


I will not say how many times I had to tell myself, "I'm not going to cry." I even restrained myself from patting the boys. Or hugging on them in public. Or begging them to not grow up. A statement I'm sure I would repeatedly slap myself for if they are still living at home and are in their 30s.

I got a kick out of Barbie and Ken. Oh Barbie. How we go way back. Played with her for years. I was so proud of myself first time I was able to get the plastic she devil dressed. I truly rejoiced when they could bend their knees. I had many a Barbie sleepover where we played well into the night.

I'm sure with counseling, I'll let go of my brother burning one at the stake. He said it wasn't want he was going for but didn't know the several bottle rockets strapped to her butt would not send her in the air but would just flambe her instead. How he got away with that lame excuse is still a mystery to me.


I will say seeing the Barbie Dream House did bring up a smidge of bitterness for me. No amount of begging, pleading, or any drama my little girl self tossed at my folks could break them down to get me the Barbie Dream House. It did not help that my Mom insisted I play with Julie - the daughter of one of her friends. She was an odd duck but I put up with it at first because she had just about every stupid thing Barbie slapped her name on.

It was Barbie utopia.

It was great for a while. I didn't figure it out at first that she was mocking me a bit. She liked to point out how much Barbie stuff I didn't have. My aunt sewed Barbie clothes and all my attempts to pass them off as 1 of a kind outfits did not go over at snobville.

After enduring yet another Barbie play session where my meager toys were mocked, I had a melt down. That Christmas my Dad got me a Barbie corvette - something that ticked my Mom off and something that what's-her-face didn't have and never got. My one ace in the hole. I was so ready for our next play time just for a bit of sweet in your face revenge.

What? I was like 8. Give me a break.

It never happened. We moved out of state and I didn't see her until years later. She was still a snob but never got that Barbie corvette.

But I lucked out. When all my friends were moving beyond Barbies - I got little cousins. So I graciously (wink, wink) played with them for years because I was such a nice cousin. None of my cousins had anything to do with me because they were soooo much older than me so it was either Barbie or sit in the corner and beat myself in the head repeatedly.

Goodness knows, I already had reasons for that as it was.

I think my Ken had a pretty sweet deal. 1 Ken, 5 Barbies, well 4 since Skipper doesn't count. Dude had it made. Except he had no wardrobe. I could not get him dressed and it didn't help that I ripped his formal pants so he was stuck in casual wear. Forever.

Anytime I watched the Toy Story movies, I would look at all the Lego pieces all over the place and start to get a bit skert that they were planning my doom. After all the times I have stepped on those instruments of destruction, I can confirm that they their plan was a success.

I did hear some good news. Bionicles have been discontinued. Woo hoo! But they'll be replaced by something else that strangely looks like Bionicles.

"Curse you plastic molds man."


Julie said...

I want to see Toy Story 3 in the bad way! ... When Jared was little... from age two to age 5-ish, he was OBSESSED with Toy Story. He would watch the movies DAILY, and had TONS of Toy Story toys and accessories... I miss those days. :)

I think I only had 1 Ken too (and 1 Skipper) ... I can't remember how many Barbies I had. 3 or 4 maybe? I had ballerina Barbie, Superstar Barbie, one of those suntan barbies (My Skipper and Ken were suntan ones too *lol*) ... I can't think of any others. *lol*


Kerri said...

When I was in kindergarden I made some green potion my BFF at the time, Mark, consisting of at least one whole bottle of some kind of perfume in a glass boot. It was my sister's. Strange.

Kaye Butler said...

I never had a Skipper...but...I...had... Peaches and Cream Barbie that had the most fabulous hair and dress EVER. I loved her. I still have her. No one is allowed to touch her or Jewels Barbie, or Angel Face Barbie, or Strawberry Shortcake. I never had a Ken. NEVER. Having a Ken might have made me grow up to be a trashy woman.


Its all good...cause my brothers had.....

G. I. Joe...

Joanna said...

Oooo - I had Peaches and Cream Barbie too!! She was my fav. Thankfully she wasn't the one that was burned at the stake.