Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Flunderbuster

Why no, I have no clue what that means but that doesn't stop me from using a made up word.

The weekend has been a bit interesting. We took the boys to see the A-Team movie and oh my word it was awesome. If you sit through all the credits there are a couple extras that are tongue in cheek at the whole show. But I got to say, I loved it!

Saturday was sort of interesting as I was just in a full blown rant mode. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed so I was trying to get in a better mood. I was praying away and it quickly turned into a rant. And the kerpow moment is when I finally took a breath, a gasp of air ready for another full stream, I had the Holy Spirit interrupt me and tell me to go take an evening primrose oil pill. Dude! I just had God tell me to take a chill pill. Ouch.

I had to laugh about it. As sarcastic as I am and as snarky as I can be, that was a zinger and it was a good one. It didn't help that when I told Hubby, he laughed hysterically and tried to high five God and then went for the fist bump followed up by a chest bump.

Wonder if I remember how to short sheet a bed?

Then my Mom called later that day and she was sort of busting my butt over something. I'm not sure what it was about because she started choking on something and then swallowed wrong and had to get off the phone.

I love it when a plan comes together. And I didn't even plan that.

So after that we ended up surfing the TV looking for something to watch and I must say, I'm a bit disturbed by a few commercials. There is one that a guy takes his shirt off and paints on himself and I guess it's for meds for a heartburn. What sort of freaks me out is I think they spackled his bellybutton.


And for the record he wasn't much to look at either. I guess it's a good thing they waxed him or the painting may have been a bit off. But the thing still creeps me out. Keep your shirt on and just point to pictures next time!

Then there is a commercial where this guy walks through an office saying you should try an energy drink. I find his voice so annoying I would like to punch him. Repeatedly. And I'm not a fan of the balling of the fist and causing pain, but for him I will make an exception. Or I'll use a bat so I don't cause myself pain.

Then there are some new shows for the summer. I saw this preview for this repo show and good gravy those people are scary. I'm not sure who lied to this lady but I'm thinking she's a bit too old for ponytails. And Tammy Faye make-up. Just saying. But at least it's a distraction from the rest of her.

I've learned 2 new words - tool and dill hole. I shall be working these words into everyday conversation. "Don't be such a tool and hand me the remote." I think this could work for me but it will only scar my children even more. Goodness knows I live for those moments. Revenge for all the other stuff they put me through. But they're too busy talking about how awesome the movie was so right now I could say anything and they wouldn't even notice.


I'm trying to convince Jared to watch a marathon of Toy Story cuz I can't wait for the 3rd one to come out and there are supposed to be sneak peeks. It's either I watch that or schlep through this horribly written chick book. Glad I got it for only $2 but it still hurts my brain to read it. Really hate it when I read a story and I know I could have done a better job. Because then I get all so why don't you already? Then I have to remind myself that while I'm much better than the crap I'm reading, I'm not as good as I would like to be. Ever read a book and you were totally changed by reading it? Now that is good. I'm not there. And I tend to ramble....sort of like this post.



Julie said...

I like that word... Flunderbuster... Will have to remember that one. *lol*

Debbie said...

I have promised my youngest that we will watch all the Toy Stories this summer.
And I love a made up word!