Monday, June 7, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

We had some pretty nasty storms over the weekend. I couldn't tell you because we slept through it all. Cuz that's how we roll around here.

I think it's now Monday. I can't be sure anymore. I think we're having too much family time together or something because yesterday I was ready to shove all 4 guys out the door and bolt it shut. Just frustrated over a lot of stuff and it didn't help that I got a double whammy of my Mom's opinion of I can't do anything right and my boys who think if I have to drop everything for them.

And yet they all say I'm the crazy one.

Hubs had to get a bunch of errands done and thankfully he took the older 2 with him. I hear they are going to Guitar Center which has turned into the new Chuck E. Cheese for the teenagers. Jared could care less so I'm sitting here watching 101 Dalmatians with him. This is after we played several games of Connect 4.

For the most part I don't mind, but just got a lot of unknowns right now and waiting, waiting, waiting for some answers. Certainly doesn't help the old mood. I'm trying not to be short fused but unfortunately, today, I'm just not able to doing it.

Wonder if I can put myself in time out?


Dianne said...

OK time for rapture practice again. One...two...threee...JUMP! Are you still there?

Joanna said...

Sigh - yes. And I think I stubbed my toe on the landing.

Julie said...

Been one of those days, huh? ... After having days like that, I always threaten to go on a personal vacation... Just check myself into a motel room, and LOCK THE DOOR! *lol*

Young Wife said...

Waiting is the worst. Praying you get answers soon.