Monday, July 26, 2010

Crazy Storms

We've had some pretty nasty storms over the weekend. One night we're just sitting there and the sirens start going off. We turn on the local news and it says right where we are at needs to seek shelter NOW. Holy crap! They kept saying a tornado could touch down at any moment.

Jared about flipped out.

Our basement is pretty nasty. Stone walls, concrete floors - Michigan basement + dirt crawl space = spider monkey love heaven. We avoid the basement. Jared looks at me and pretty much says no stinking way is he going down there. I felt the same way.

Thankfully, we didn't feel the need to go. There wasn't anything major, thanks to praying like crazy. The lights flicked off but came right back on 4 times. Lot of flashes of light and only a couple nasty cracks of thunder.

All in time for this week. The week I'm supposed to make relish. The week my Mom is supposed to be coming up to "help". If you need me I may be trying to pickle myself.


Anonymous said...

I remember when I was little and stayed at a babysitter's house, her oldest son told me a tornado was gonna hit down during the storm we were in. I got a little worried, but somehow I knew nothing major was going to happen.

Julie said...

Ack! That would be so scary! ... We don't have tornados around here... Thank goodness!

Anna K. said...

"...spider monkey love heaven."


And creepy at the same time...

So glad y'all are alright, Joanna!

Anonymous said...

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