Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Don't Know If I Want A Nap Or Chocolate

The fact that this is a tie should be a concern for the masses. I'm not sure if it's the weather or what the deal is but my brain is not letting me sleep. I know you're thinking I'm jacked up on those fizzy drinks but that's not the case. I have more energy than the slow moving turtle I usually am but can not shut down the brain when it's time for snoozeville.

So sad. Especially since I've been getting so much stuff done lately that I should pass out the moment my head hits the pillow.

It doesn't help that we have a rabid mosquito flying around our room dive bombing my feet. And it's only my feet. Hubby sleeps closer to the window air conditioner so is wrapped up from head to toe shivering as the night progresses, oblivious to my tossing and turning. I would insert the word typical and said it with a slight sneer but I'm trying to work on that.

How's my driving? 1-800-KissMyArse!

Yeah, I don't think I passed that test today. But, I will prevail! And tomorrow is another day!!

Hubby was rather cute today. He got home from work and Mr. Postman brought him his new planner with planner type things and stuff. Him, and his inner geek, where in planner heaven. I was even able to keep my mockery in check.

Jared happened to walk by and said he often wondered what people used in ye olden days. I said he used to carve it in stone but the price of stone has gone up a lot so we switched to paper. Just when the child started to ask for reals, the other 2 laughed and gave me away.

I better stop it cuz my Mom did stuff like that to me all the time. Suddenly my lack of proper knowledge and it's source all makes sense now. Annnd I'm doing the same thing. Way to carry on the same sick tradition. I figure if the spawn are going to give me this amount of grief then I might as way make them pay for it. I'm pretty sure that's what my Mom said.

Hubby dear did take a moment out of his planning to ask me why the long face. I said I'm really having a hard time just enjoying the moment. All I have going through my head is stuff that I know is coming up and things that need to get done. I can't seem to settle my mind and just be in the moment and enjoy it. I'm constantly thinking what comes next and it is exhausting. I did tell him if he told me to just stop I would fork stab him to death in his sleep. He wisely didn't say anything along those lines. He did say he's having the same trouble.

Well cwap. Isn't one of us supposed to have their junk together??

Apparently not.

I have tried to do some me things, to have some me moments lately. They are more available in the summer than during the school year. Sort of feel like it's been waaaaay over due! Last week I read. I have taken over the kitchen table to scrapbook. But I was just thinking today I know I'm going to have to pack it up in another couple weeks so I can get the relish done or my Mom will not stop harassing me. Then I'll need to start planning stuff out for the boys' school stuff.

Oh school stuff, how I would so like to ignore you. Forever.

I just feel like summer is slipping away and we haven't really done much of anything. I don't count playing hey it's mine turn to stand in front of the air conditioner much fun.

I've been a bit disappointed that the guys haven't gone camping once because it's been too hot. No one has cried bigger tears over that than me over this tragedy. On top of that we haven't had any wood to send the boys out to chop and stack. It was really more for my benefit than theirs. This has left some short fuses. Mainly on my part. I'm trying to blame that as part of the detoxing. I'm not sure if they fully buy it.

It just dawned on me that my Mom will be up in few weeks to "help" make the blankity blank relish telling me how I don't do anything right and my spawn could be telling her how they so agree and she missed a few finer points.

Is this what they mean by sandwich generation or being an Oreo? Sort of stuck in the middle? I now feel very sorry for the poor cream filling and now want to set them free and twist off all the cookies that are squishing it and holding it in place. Darn you chocolate cookie!

Never did care for that part anyway.

I'm hoping I'll get some good sleep soon or I'm concern you may find me making a royal mess over in the corner singing something about freedom.


Kaye Butler said...

ROTFLMBO at your response to Jared...I can just see you chipping away at a stone...can't use whiteout for mistakes on stone! OMGLMBO

Do you think Fred has those movie flashes, with the Twilight Zone music playing in the background as he pictures you hoovering above him with a fork as he sleeps?

I love your blog.

Really I do.

I'm not stealing your ideas or responses. I swear I'm not.


Seriously. IM not. Promise

Kaye Butler said...

Okay. Maybe I borrow a couple of your whitty comebacks every now and then.

Kaye Butler said...

Is it a crime?

OMGosh now I'm wondering if I should turn myself in to the cops.

Like CSI: Miami...I want to go to a cool jail.

Kaye Butler said...

Oh...I can't go there.

The mental hospital just called, gotta go!

Joanna said...

You're so funny! It's not a crime and don't turn yourself into the cops - they have no sense of humor.

Fred is able to sleep like a rock regardless of how I try to torture him. He says it's a gift.

Kerri said...

Doug has the same "gift." I"'ll be up all night hacking, or tossing and turning, or with Jacob, and he'll say, " How'd ya sleep?" I'm like, SERIOUSLY???? He was clueless. Ug.

I like the whole standing-over-him-with-a-fork image though. Tee ehe he he