Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Box Of Lies, How You Disappoint

Hair - it is a woman's glory or so we're told. There is no need to do a show of hands of how our hair as rebelled against us. Nary a product, iron, or perm has been foolproof. Matter of fact, every perm has let me down.

Don't even get me started on the evils of Sun-in. They should have just put death in a bottle on the label. At least for brunettes. My natural hair is dark brown. Boring dark brown. Not a chocolate brown but this flat brown. Toss in the going gray early, and the fact that my hair is galloping off my head at a scary pace, I haven't stopped abusing my hair.

So I haven't really blogged about my hair enhancer known as Babbette - it is longer so it has the full name verses Babs cuz it's shorter. Anyhoo, I've been having issues of getting my hair the right color to blend with Babbette. I totally goofed on the color choice but hey the pictures they show of the color and the description aren't really spot on. So rather than try to change the Babbette, I'll just change the me.

Insert epic failure music.

I've done fried my hair. I did manage to get it a slightly toned down color but it was still fried. Lately the gray roots where getting to be a bit scary. I grabbed my go to gal - Lady Clairol, aka the box o' lies - only to be let down. Still trying to find that golden spot of color, I picked out a medium golden brown. Yeah, it turned out dark, dark brown. Pretty darn close to black. The only upside is that my hair is acting like hair instead of the straw it was behaving like.

But now when I wear Babbette, it looks like I have been giving myself swirlies in different vats of dye. Okay, it's not that bad but it could be.

I was eying a full on wig that is just sharp, super sassy, and short. I was seriously thinking of whacking off my real hair and going with this other one. The reason is the thought of putting a wig on in this horrible humid weather is enough to make me want to grab the clippers and sing some sort of freedom song. But I think not. I may just wear a beanie hat instead and stencil dork on my forehead.

But of course my hair is going to go all diva like and toss around drama like it's nothing. Must be from all the chemical fumes. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.


Anna K. said...

Oh. Honey. Child.

Your poor hair! Your poor nerves! (Funny how those two things are intertwined, right?)

Would VO5 help? Chocolate hair mask, perhaps?

Julie said...

My hair has been falling out like crazy too! *sigh* ... I need to color again too, thanks to the gray roots. But I use Nice'n'Easy. I always use the same color, which is the closest I can get to my natural color. I'm not brave enough to try anything else. *lol*


Kristen @ ladybug-blessings.com said...

aww I'm sorry! It all seems like we don't like our hair and want someone elses, but I wonder whose hair is the one that people want since they don't confess? haha. I want volume! :)

Dianne said...

I have no hair. Just saying...Yes, the wig is HORRIBLE HOT, especially with over 100 degree weather down here and 110 humidity. And what is growing back, I look like a baby chick. It is white and fuzzy, not long enough to even grab it to pull. On the upside, got 3 new dorags at the cancer gift shop yesterday. They were on sale from $17 down to $4. GO ME! Funny thing is, I used to say all these exact same things about my hair. Can't wait to say them again

Joanna said...

Anna - stupid is as stupid does. ;) V05 didn't do anything to it.

Julie - I love the stuff but I'm thinking the hair just super soaked up the color.

Kristen - you would think our hair would stand on end at all the stuff we put it through.

Dianne - you are almost there!! I bet Kaye is right - you so rock the do-rag.

Young Wife said...

Agh! Hair troubles are the worst. It seems like there's nothing you can do while you wait for damage to grow out. I had a bad experience with Sun-In, too, and my hair is dirty blonde.

Kerri said...

Try mayonaisse. Seriously. Wash your hair, slather it on, leave it on for a while, then rinse really good. You might have to wash again, depending on how much soaks in.