Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So Hot It's Africa Hot

I would like to post something funny today but sadly my brain has melted into a pile of goo. I can't think straight, my kids have hopped up and down on the last nerve to the point that I've tried to put myself in time out - like all day.

So far, no such luck.

We only have 3 air conditioner window units. The 1 downstairs can't keep up - at all. We make sure the bedrooms are nice and cool once evening rolls around. We try to close off the living room to make that room cooler but lately it is only slightly less sticky.

Heavy on the slightly.

And it's been in the 90s all week. Very humid and just yuck.

Hubby came home early the other day looking about half dead. We are just a pile of goo right now. And I can't think of anything to say. How odd.

I should be doing laundry but it's too hot to run the dryer and I tried to say I quit as far as cooking goes but no one is buying it. It was worth a shot.

Everyone is trying to get us to move farther south. Friend of mine has been telling me we should come down to visit - in Texas. I'm thinking no. She said the only way to survive is central air. That would be nice but I'm still not going. I have a cousin in Texas and I hear that there are all kinds of jobs opening up down there.

Still not going.

I am a delicate flower - I'm like chocolate, I would so melt and then it would just be gross.

Besides the van would blow up in protest, I'm sure of it.

Not much going on right now. Think I'll go crawl into the freezer to try and cool off.


Kristen @ ladybug-blessings.com said...

ah I'm sorry!! I agree, it is SO hot!!

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rthling said...

I know what you mean. Last night, at work, I sweated all the way through my clothes. If I'd have had some soap, I could have taken a bath in it, but that'd just be gross.
But I'm thankful I work at night, cuz that hard work would be murderous during the day!

Kerri said...

I just had a brilliant comment and totally forgot. Dang.

Kerri said...

OHyeah! I stick my head in the freezer when I get too hot and can't breathe. Works for me!

grandmamargie said...

We didn't have air conditioners when we were growing up in South Louisiana and believe me, it was hot. But kids don't seem to mind most of the time. But I do remember my mama with a cool, wet hand towell on the back of her neck during the hot summer months. Not very appealing but it works.

Julie said...

Well... While it's hot right now, NW Oregon has pretty short summers, and not much humidity! ... We do get lots and lots of rain though... *lol*


Kaye Butler said...

Don't forget about the give away Friday! It won't be posted first thing...cause my home computer is down :(

I agree...it's Africa hot. The horseflies are hot...they sit at our door like a army ready to strike. They sit there with their beady little eyes...wanting to suck my blood...