Friday, July 9, 2010

Where We Go From Brain Goo To Brain Ooo

So on our wonderful new adventure where I try not to freak out - we have been trying some of the products of Herbalife. They have these tabs that you put in water and fizzes up. Oh my word! Forget power drinks. I was calling them power tabs. I think they're called Lift off tabs. I told Hubby he needs to buy a case of those suckers and just hand them out. I didn't feel jittery but my brain actually woke up and let me tell you that was sort of unusual for me.

Maybe I should apologize in advance to people if I hunt them down and force them to drink it? It's really good! They should have called it wake up juice.

Can I just say holy crap starting this thing up has taken more brain power than I own??? Thankfully this is Hubby's deal. I told him I would put the link to the website but it just shows weight loss stuff not all the products and wouldn't you know it, he's in bed and I have no clue if it's the right one blah, blah, blah. I have no clue what I am doing. It should be no surprise I am not a business person. I am just here for comic relief, people. Anything more than a chuckle, maybe a gut wrenching guffaw from me and you are just shopping at the wrong person.

Lets face it, you don't get award winning points for being the creative type nor for being a smart*ss but that is neither here nor there.

(I get emails asking why the * - it is because of the day of google. I really don't feel like having someone show up on my blog and spread their grossness all over it just from something I typed. Goodness knows I already get that as it is. Just from my blog title alone I get flagged for people who seem to have teeth bugs. Why are so many people having teeth bugs issues? Eww. Brush ya'll. So I guess this is my attempt to keep it clean.)

Now back to our regular scheduled nothing.

The hard thing is just time. My man is a bit stressed. And it doesn't help that his normal job is getting crappier by the day. They are getting under bid by people who are cutting corners that will null and void the warranty of the products. The boss man has some communication issues or lack of them and Hubs is taking the heat for it. He has had to go back to a job that has been the job from hell.

Ya'll he was freaking me out cuz there was a lot of talk of quitting and just packing up and getting out of dodge like right now. Except that actually takes money to get out of dodge. Who knew dodge was so flippin expensive to get out of?

But on the other side, Hubby is Mr. Organized. You may think you can organize but you can't come close. He can pack 20 pounds of crap in a 3 pound bag cuz he's that good. His inner geek is coming out in full force lately. I haven't seen him for quite a few years so it's been nice to see him again and completely reminded me why I mocked him every chance I got. But while these last few years haven't been great, I've watched God do something pretty great. For one, He got my husband's large head out of his tight little....eww a bug just flew by!

Where was I?

Anyhoo, we've sort of watched God just turn some things around and point us in another direction. One where I keep asking are You sure?? Personally, it feels like I was on the merry-go-round a few rounds too many and right now I just want to puke.

Keeping it real, peeps.

So hopefully I will get his website up soon and when I get my hands on the fizzy stuff I will be hunting peeps down because I think that has got to be the best stuff ever.

While I've had my doubts, I can say I do feel better using their stuff. At least I would if I could just overlook how much crap we have going on - all at once - and feeling really stressed over a lot of stuff that I'm sure I'll blog about once I stop wringing my hands with worry over. What dear? They have a supplement for stress?? Um, you may need to hook me up. Better yet, just bathe me in the stuff.

Gurgle, gurgle


Jill V. said...

psst, can i get me some of that snazzy brain juice on the down low??

Joanna said...

You could stop by and try 1. I put the website on the sidebar of the blog. You'll want to go to the Healthy Better Life Mall link. Cuz once you have some you will want to order more. Just saying. :)

Or you can wait until I hunt you down and force you to try some of it. You wanna do it the easy way or the hard way?? Muwahaha!

Julie said...

Now you've gotten me oll curious about the fizzy pills... *lol*