Monday, August 30, 2010

And So It Begins

Well, we started school today. It went rather well. I did have a few weepy moments that the older 2 are starting high school. How is it possible I have 2 teenagers and a tween? When did that happen?? And didn't we just finish 2nd grade a few months ago? I was warned I better can the Sunrise, Sunset thing which I find funny because they haven't seen the movie let alone heard the song.

I asked if I could take a picture and was shot down with dirty looks. I may have to try something covert later. We started off slow which is a good thing because holy fershiznit, who turned up the heat??? Last few days has been super-duper humid and at one point I tried to climb into the freezer.

No such luck.

I begged the window air conditioner to do something to cool off the room. I think it tried to commit suicide. This was not a good sign.

It has been a crazy few days. Yesterday I was pretty much in a fetal position as auntie flo showed up to say howdy. I have to say that taking a lot of the Herbalife stuff has been helping in a lot of other issues. While I haven't dropped tons of weight, I am feeling better - minus the cramps. But at least the bod is trying to work out some of it's issues. If it could only handle the mental issues it would be a major score.

It was almost 2 months since I had any chocolate but with auntie showing up and all it was the only proper way to greet the b*tch her to help make the visit go as smoothly as possible. I've noticed that it is a lot less dramatic this time around, so score for the herb stuff.

No, seriously - this is me less dramatic.

Saturday we loaded up a couple truck loads of stuff and hauled it over to Kerri's for a yard sale. If anyone in the area is interested in a butt-load of Rescue Hero stuff, this is the sale for you!!

I did noticed a bit of eyebrow judgement coming from Kerri on the amount of crap stuff we have but in our defense, toys are sexually active and will reproduce faster than a rabbit. Don't believe me? Get a happy meal and that toy will mate with your Tupperware and have spawn within the hour.

And that's if the Tupperware plays hard to get.

Please tell me you just sprayed your drink - that you turned your head to the side and hosed your wall down with whatever liquid was in your mouth. I have issues, I am aware of this. But then again, you were already aware of this or you wouldn't be reading this right now. If you are new....I am so sorry, but I have days where I am off my hinge a wee bit. It's the heat, I'm telling you. It has done cooked my noodle. Beyond limp noodle stage. It didn't help that I didn't really get that much sleep last night. I tried to go to bed early and tossed and turned and thought about all these great blog posts that I can't remember once the light of day showed up.

But I'm not bitter. Much.

Speaking of bitter, is it just me or all these fall commercials beyond cruel? Sweat dripping off the butt cheek, clothes clinging to every roll I am trying to ignore, feeling like wilted lettuce and there is some gal all crisp, clean, and sweat free I might add, decked out in the latest fall fashion looking cool and comfortable. Ha-rumph!

Ya'll better wish Kerri the best of luck for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Oh Mr. Cold front? Your presence is requested.


Jo said...

Oh my, you are having a bad time of it -- I'm here to say been there, done that and that the rainbow will appear. Promise.

Okay, euphemisms out of the way, I hope this brings you some comfort: yesterday I read a blog about a woman who just sent her oldest off to college and is feeling 'empty nest'.

Like yourself, she liked to take pictures of her kids on the first day of school and was, of course, missing that this year with her oldest daughter away at college for the first time.

So, upon settling in her dorm and before beginning her first class as a college student, the girl took a picture of herself via text and sent it to her Mom saying 'First day of school picture'.

Hang in there. :)

Peace and serenity,
'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'

Joanna said...

Thanks Jo!

Kerri said...

1. It was an eyebrow of SHOCK, NOT judgement. : )
2. I have LOOOONG ago learned that I will NOT drink my coffee and read your blog. I do not need to ruin what's left of my laptop!
3. See you later today!! I'm still praying for no rain!!!

Julie said...

I absolutely HATED seeing my boys' Rescue Heroes boxed up and sold. *sigh* ... Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Young Wife said...

Hope the garage sale is a success! Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better.

jubilee said...

LOL My youngest just scored a ton of Rescue Hero stuff for his birthday! We may be having a Rescue Hero yard sale in a couple of summers!

I now know not to mix my Tupperware with the happy meal toys! Whew! That was a close one.

I've missed you, lady!

Joanna said...

Julie - I know!!

YW - thanks! hope you're feeling better. Thought of you when I had to take an allergy pill this morning.

Jubes - ;) miss you too!