Sunday, August 8, 2010

In Spite Of It All...

God is awesome! I have to laugh because even though I've been deemed unworthy by other people's standards, I know I have found acceptance with Him.

It sort of sounds corny but it is so true!

I've had a few people say but look at what all you guys have gone through. If I had a nickle for every time I've heard that 'God must be judging us and beating our brains out because of all the financial hardships', then we wouldn't be having the financial hardships. Even though it has been painful and confusing and hard to go through all this - God is up to something. That gravestone has been rattling for a few months.

Change is on the horizon. The who, what, when and how in the heck is that going to happen are still very unclear. And this just does not sit well with a closet control freak. I can tell why I was drawn to Hubby dear. Dude is a planner and I came from a family that doesn't believe in planning - anything.

I was just telling Hubs that I find it interesting that it's just down to us because no one else would stand with us and believe with us, for us. For whatever the reason, we've been behind the 8 ball in a lot of people's opinions. Either there has been goofy competition, which I still don't get, or someone has had the opinion that they are better off than us and we have nothing of value to offer.


Back when we went camping, God used that trip to shake Hubby up. We had been praying for months about everything. At one point we started praying if we should stay or leave the state. We weren't getting much as far as answers go but we kept praying about it. Neither of us felt any peace about being closer to our folks, which is such a shocker so we kept praying.

While on the hike Hubby had to take to call the garage to get his truck back, him and God had a chat. That night he had a dream and in that dream there was a state mentioned. I'm still scratching my head over it cuz it still makes no sense to me. When Hubby told me about the dream I sort of chuckled and told him he had one serious chili dream cuz it may have cooked his noodle.

I can tell you God doesn't appreciate it when you chalk up a wake up call, a direction, an answer to prayer as indigestion - just so you know.

I even came back and told a few people trying to get them to declare it a chili dream as well. It wasn't well received and I thought there's my answer. Before I could even finish the thought I had an unsettling feeling hit me. The more I tried to blow it off the more it wouldn't go away. Hubby started researching the state on the web and is following through with it.

And there is me in the background trying to offer him Tums because Lord have mercy, dude has totally lost it!!

I can't say I really want to stay in Michigan. Truth be told, I came kicking and screaming when I was 8. Haven't been a fan of living here. You would think I would be jumping up and down and there are times I really am. It's that whole unknown thing that starts to make me wonder. One of the boys said anything has got to be better than what all we've gone through. True that!

To to see my man come alive and change direction has been pretty exciting to behold. That is until reality shows up and then I go back to rocking in the corner trying really hard not to make the agreement we are so screwed.

There are days.

The down side of putting it out there like this is now I get asked a lot when are we going. Golly I know ya'll are anxious to get rid of me but we don't know and not ready just yet. But on the other hand, dealing with the same old, same old has not been pleasant and the thought of something new and different is like a cold drink on a hot day.


Fuschia said...

I'm not sure how you hacked into my blogger account and copied a post written by me! Nuff said!

Miss you girl. Stay the course.

Anna K. said...

Where the Lord leads, He provides. I'm praying that y'all see evidence of that...soon!

Love ya, Jo!

(um, can I call you Jo?)

Joanna said...


Yes on Jo! Family calls me that all the time. I only heard Joanna when I was in trouble and if my middle name was attached to it then I was to drop and pray for mercy cuz I was a dead duck!! :)

Kerri said...

{sniff} I love all that's happening to your family and the excitement of a fresh start. But I HATE that's it's not going to be by me.


rthling said...

Love how you leave out the details on the "where."
What a blessing it is when men hear a word from the Lord and actually follow!

Anonymous said...

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