Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is This The Whirl Or The Wind?

Holy ker-pow! Will someone please hit the pause button on life for me? It has made blogging next to impossible. Go here, go there, get this, get that.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Last few days have been crazy busy. I mean, beyond redonkulous. Ran like several ba-zillion errands, okay 2, and was able to get Jeremy Camp's new album. This is where I eat crow and say Michael was right - it's awesome. We got a few other CDs and I did pick up a music book that had a lot of popular songs for both guitar and piano.

Michael is still giving me these ooey, gooey looks of love over it. That one can melt butter from across the room with those eyes. Mercy!

I did ask Nicholas what he thought of it and he said Michael has yet to share the book. I told him to hang in there as we'll be using it as part of school. They are all kinds of happy. They are beyond geeking out over music being apart of the school. And in another attempt at buying my way out of worst parent award, we picked up more wanna be bionicle stuff. Jared was so happy we were worried he was snorting Mt.Dew.

The happiness meter could not measure the happy.

Which is good because I am going to need everything they have and then some for the garage sale we are having. Gathering stuff for it has kicked some fluff right out of me. So much so, that it caused my delicate self to end up on the couch the whole day with a massive headache. I think I may be sort of skert that the grocery list didn't get totally finished. Judging from the smaller than normal total, I would say that is a big 10-4 on the accuracy.

I'm still feeling slightly bitter about the stupid grocery list, especially with Mickey Mouse and company making a play for our food. To say I have the casserole blues is a gross understatement. I tried to hand the kids a match, a box of graham crackers, a bag of marshmallows, and a candy bar and wished them the best of luck. But that whole parental safety first thing kicked in and I took away the matches. My attempts at cold s'mores for dinner was not accepted.

Tough crowd.

So when it was time to sit down and magically look into the future and foresee what all we would need, I wasn't feeling it. All attempts at a full on pout was ignored. When I informed Hubs I quit, he informed me that I can't as I signed on for a lifetime.

Darn those fine print clauses.

It didn't help matters that Wally is gearing up to strike a blow. This goes beyond the fist shake of angst while wailing "curse you aquascum!!" Nay, it is a drop to thy knees and whimper pathetically. What could be so horrible?

It's like they have nothing for their employees to do so they are going to have them rearrange everything in the store. Again. At first I didn't believe it was true. But then we started noticing more and more of those pieces of paper dangling down with stock numbers on them. When I realized what was going to be taking place in the near future, I started to whimper. And because of feeling like hammered dog poo in a bag all day, the whimper sort of ended up in a sob.

A sob that no amount of chocolate could cure.

A sob that says we are past the point of no return.

A sob that strikes fear into husbands across the land because they know that their very lives are now at stake over the next few words that they dare to utter.

I should probably say that only works on some husbands. It certainly doesn't work with mine. He just gives me that eyebrow arch that has been known to silence a storm and asks if I'm done. This time he agreed with me and then told me to hurry up so we could get out of there.

Talk about stealing my thunder. Sheesh!


Kerri said...

OH. My. Gosh. Wait til you do the 3rd day of Ruth. I did it this morning. I did not like it, not one little bit. I will have to accept it, this I am learning. But I do not have to like it!!!