Monday, August 16, 2010

Of Mice And Men

When we first moved into t.o.d. (this old dump) is was apparent the critters had run of the place. We were in a desperate situation and really didn't have much of a choice. For my faithful 4 readers, you recall all the drama with squirrels, bats, and raccoons. Thankfully, they have all moved away. Well, I can't entirely say that as we have some bats in the chimney again. I have no idea why they think this is their summer dwelling. As long as they stay in there and not try to get in the house, oh well.

But those darn mice have refused to move on.

I think it was during all the bat and squirrel issues that my FIL was telling us about getting electric traps. I'm not really sure as I really don't pay that much attention especially when my FIL is talking about alternative ways of getting rid of critters. I want to keep my lunch down thankyouverymuch.

So it was a couple Christmases ago that the electric mouse trap was gifted to Hubs. It's this black box that the mouse crawls in and stepping on the pad connects the charge or some sort of technical jumbo and buh-bye mouse. The sick part is the flashing light that let's you know you got a full trap.

I'm sure Jeff Foxworthy would be so proud of us.

This last week they upped their game. There are 2 normal traps and the house of horrors. Peanut butter is the best bait in da world. The normal traps were licked clean and not set off but so far the den of doom has claimed 4.

Moving away is sounding better and better

And in response to a few emails - I'm not quite ready to announce the state we are moving to as a way of keeping the allure of suspense and mystery. Frankly, why give people a heads up so they can plan to move away themselves? It just doesn't seem real yet so if I don't say anything I can still sort of say, 'oh well, it's that darn chili.'


In an attempt to not think of the grossness known as rodent, I have been buried in school books. The plotting and the planning has sure equaled to the feelings of being overwhelmed. I worry wonder if all the research and all the time I've poured into this will produce good fruit. Lot of praying.

Then it hits me - my boys are starting high school. Oh dear Lord, how did it come to this??

When we first knew we were to do this, it was so overwhelming. All I could think about was Algebra and how much it sucks and how much I never wanted to think about it again. I can balance a checkbook no problem but Algebra is something totally different.

After Hubby used some smelling salts, he reminded me that was years away and I could handle the basics. For the most part I have. While I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box, I'm not the dullest either. But here we are now facing the ugly thing.

It is still hitting me after finding that pink bible. Where I was at in my walk with God, having small children, and just trying to figure out life and how to survive it. To know that we're about to embark on the last leg of this journey has just been overwhelming on so many levels.

I may, or may not, have burned through a box of tissues with all the blubbering, the boo hooing, and the crying. And I might have been caught humming Sunrise, Sunset.

I think Fredly dear took pity on me, or knew I was going to snap and go loco on him - came to the rescue. We sat down and figured it all out and listed what our goals were for the year. There were a few choice words as we don't quite see eye to eye on a few things but, oh well. I am thrilled that he is taking over the foreign language department. I don't even understand English let alone something else. The guys had started off doing Latin last year and then hit a wall and quit. I wasn't able to help them scale that wall cuz hello? this is me we are talking about.

We sat the boys down and told them the goals and they are on board with it. I can say attitudes have improved all the way around - including mine. So it's looking good so far. Been very happy with the attitude improvement. I still have no idea what turned that table around but I'm glad for it.

So it's with wobbly knees and glazed over eyes that we're about to take it on. Like I said before, I know there is a lot of change on the horizon and ready or not, here we go.


grandmamargie said...

Good luck, I wouldn't have the patience to do the home schooling thing. As far as the mice, my hubby buys some sort of poison that looks like corn on the cob and if they eat that, they go outside to die. I hate those things.

Fuschia said...

I have found high school much easier than I thought. The older the girls get the more they are able to work independantly. There are entire weeks that go by without my even looking at their schoolwork.

Our oldest is a Senior this year, and I swear "Sunrise, Sunset" must be piped in or something...really tough!

Kerri said...

Mice. Ug. I'll NEVER forget the first time I saw one scurrying across the carpet in the living room. I called Doug ASAP and wanted him home IMMEDIATELY to kill it. He said he'd be home after work. Now we put out poison and traps (peanut butter is the BEST) and I don't see them (except for tornado warnings) {grimace}

Julie said...

House of horrors... Yep, that sounds about right!

Sounds like you need to borrow our cats. Buddy is QUITE GOOD at catching the mice outside, as my kids have witnessed more than once. As for Cuddles, she's never tried a mouse, as she is an indoor kitty and we've never had mice (THANK GOODNESS), but she is a darn good bug catcher! :)

Debbie said...

Don't even talk to me about Algebra!
And the mice - I do feel for you. Nothing drives me nuttier than a mouse in the house.

Anna K. said...

Eek! Mice and algebra in one post...*shudder* ;~}