Friday, August 6, 2010

Part 2

In my defense, I did say this was going to take more than 1 post.

Seems a few people have taken offense to the air quotes on the word pastor. Seriously people. Anyone can claim to be something. You can pay a fee and have the title but that doesn't make the person a pastor. Just saying.

Now before you think we held hands and skipped off into the sunset, my Mom did manage to drop a few. Like how she's picking a fight with the MDOC regarding my brother and if anyone comes knocking on my door refer them to her.

Say what??

I said no one better come knocking on my door regarding any of them. Not a part of their group thank you very much. She said she's not sure exactly what will happen and just to give me a heads up.


She did say that she is very happy we've been talking about leaving the state and wonders how soon that will go into affect.

This is so not encouraging.

I did get the whole it was my fault they were arrested and blah, blah, blah again. That's where I came right back at her and told her she was full of it. She said they had won but since I signed the bond papers that gave "them" permission to come after them. I'm still surprised I didn't have any rage emotion take over and went off.

Instead I told her if she wants to play the shame and blame game to go find the nearest mirror. If they would have put my name on their bank account like they said they were going to I wouldn't have been arrested. Granted, I was never charged but to sit here and tell me it was my fault that they spent a few years behind bars just doesn't go over too well with me. On top of that, they didn't bother to tell us several things and left us totally twisting in the wind. I told her to stuff it on the whole it was for our protection because it didn't protect jack so to sit here and tell me why it's still not her fault she can see herself out the door - permanently.

The hard thing about my Mom is that there are times she can be spot on the money. And then there are other times she has been sipping way too much kool-aid of someone's messed up brew. I've seen her take crap from no one and stand her ground and I've seen other times where she's been obnoxious and needs a time out. Where do you draw the line with that?

I still have no clue what to do with them. They want a relationship with me but on their terms and I'm not interested. Call me crazy but I don't want to have bonding moments over prison stories. My Mom's motives have been to get my brother out of prison and it looks like she has picked up the battle again. No thanks.

And Kerri wonders why I want to move.

She keeps going on and on about a word from God I got a lot of years ago. I told her that I find it interesting that her and my brother are now hanging on to that when at the time I took a ton of crap from both of them regarding it. Mom said well she understands where he was coming from. But of course she does.

I was talking to Hubby about the whole thing. Really makes me wonder if that is why God has been gearing us up to move on. But then that is a whole other blog post that I've been sitting on. It's funny about that too. I can air all my dirty laundry without batting an eyelash but every now and then I'll just freeze up and can't hit that publish button. It's like a new little plant and I want to protect it rather than expose it to the elements of public opinion.

I can be so weird some times.

That was something that was hilarious. Mom, Dad, and I were in the kitchen working on the whole relish stuff. Mom was teaching Dad cuz they took all the equipment to make relish as they are going to make more. I think they are bored or something. Anyway, they were zinging each other back and forth. I looked up to see Nicholas with this weird look on his face. I gave him an eyebrow arch and he sort of nodded his head. I laughed and asked if I made sense to him now and he didn't miss a beat - said totally.

That is the sucky thing about family. No matter how much you fight it, you're still a part of it. I really do wonder how God is going to work it all out. My Dad told me to keep in touch. I asked why. He looked rather pained about it. Mom kept telling him to pay us for the relish and I could tell money is tight for them. I told him not to worry about it. Yes, it was a lot of work. Yes, they took a case plus the extra jars for my aunt but I know God is taking care of us. Besides if she has all her stuff, I won't have to hear about it.

Mom was telling me all the stuff they have been doing for my grandparents. She said they do it not because they deserve it but to honor them. I know you will be just shocked to know my Mom and her mother-in-law haven't gotten along too well. What is a bit of a concern is that Mom keeps looking at me, telling me what she expects down the road. I keep telling her to get my brother paroled so he can take care of them as he owes them big time. For whatever reason, this doesn't go over too well.

Yet another reason to pray for the rapture.

My Mom did give me a lecture that I need to be very careful what I post of facebook. Some of my cousins where laughing that I can be funny and she wants me to make sure I'm careful. What momma don't know, won't hurt momma. One of my cousins did ask why I'm just playing facebook games. The boys kept bugging me that they needed another neighbor so I did it for them.

Besides it's easier to just play Cafe World and Frontier Ville then post stuff and have more drama blow up in my face.


Young Wife said...

You are so funny! Bonding over prison stories! Ha! I love that you're praying for the rapture so you won't have to worry about your parents in their old age. :)

Kerri said...

I'm prayin' with ya sister.
And I'm glad your mom finally took some of her stuff!