Monday, August 23, 2010

What A Ride!

Well that was one crazy whirl-wind week! What stinks is the whole week I was like I need to blog about that and that. Now when it's settled down and time to do it? Nothing! Can't think of a blooming thing.

So sad. Because this is only what I can remember and it's still long winded. As usual.

Went out Friday for our anniversary with mah Hubby. We went to Logan's in the hopes to get the 2 for 20 deal. We looked all through the menu but could only find the deal where there was a time restriction on it and we missed it. Oh well, we were starving and ordered. I was about half-way through my salad when I found half a bug in the salad, coated with dressing on it.

It had been there for a while.

I fished it out and put it on the side of the plate and asked Hubs, "what the heck is that?" He said, "that's a bug." I asked, "are you sure? I don't want to be accused of seeing things." He said, "it has wings - it's a bug."

Who knew I would literally live out my blog title?

Ick, ick, and double ick. If the other half would have been in my teeth - lets just say I would have put on a show worthy of ticket sales.

Since Hubby worked in restaurant management many moons ago, he knew the drill and there was nothing really to be done. We weren't charged for my meal so it did turn into dinner for 2 for around 20. The last time I found a bug in my salad, I was preggers with twins and went and horfed after finding that little gift. And why is the first thing they offer is another salad? Why so I can see if I can find the other half??

Um, me thinks not.

We were on a time restraint, so we didn't have time to just talk. I was a bit bummed because I have a thirst for deep conversation and Hubby does bring some deep stuff. It's just a lack of time. We had to rush to our favorite Christian bookstore, aka my personal crack house, before it closed and was only able to find 1 book for me but Hubby got the CD he was after.

Speaking of, Jeremy Camp has a new worship album coming out. I feel the need to pass this information off to others cuz I've only heard about it 513 million times. Michael is so excited about it. Or at least as close to excitement as he can muster. He cracks me up in his own way. He has these dry one liners that are just hilarious. Nicholas is every bit as sharp tongued as I am - minus the cussing. How I managed that, I'll never know.

I told him his kids might turn out normal. Or not.

Nicholas and I were goofing around with the camera. I'm not allowed to post the pictures - on facebook. The boy has yet to learn to be VERY specific so I'm sure they will find their way on this blog at some point. Cuz that's how my evilness rolls.

Michael on the other hand, was 1 picture get r done and leave me alone kind of guy. Once Jared saw goofiness was being had, he had to get in on the action. When I snagged hubby dear to take a picture with me, my husband - Mr. calm, cool, and collected - took that photo op moment to do some groping and did get a bit crazy eyed in a couple of them. I refuse to post them simply because why give anyone else more ammo to question our mental stability.

"I woke up married to a pineapple. It was an ugly pineapple. But I loved her." Ice Age 3

The goof gene is alive and well with this little band of crazy people. And as my MIL points out, none of her boys acted this way. To that I say, thank God. Someone had to add some new genes to that pool. What's another word for stagnant pond?

But I do make up for all my weirdness. Last week I was a good wife and went and saw the movie Expendables with Hubs. It wasn't bad. The big blond guy from Rocky 4 - Dolph? Dude.still.can't.act. The only scene with Bruce Willis and Arnie was pretty much what you saw in the previews. Lot of someone just got their but kicked by a bunch of old looking dudes.


So this time around, we went and saw The Switch. That wasn't what I expected but it was good. It was a lot more serious than what the previews made it out to be. I think there is a new movie genre cuz it wasn't a romantic comedy - more like a romantic drama. The little boy in it was adorable and said things that made me think of my husband.

Oh Lawd, have mercy!

I kept leaning over and saying I can sooo see you saying that. Dude was laughing too hard to deny it. Mm-hmm. I think I may have to find a chick to go with me if I want to see the Julia Roberts new movie. Hubs did say he would go just not sure when he'll be available. He has been super busy with work, and different stuff, and just life.

After the movie, we had to run to the grocery store for more milk. While we were there, we were able to find some beanbag chairs for the spawn. The day before we had swapped out Jared's old bed and gave him one that was in the toy room. His bed was pretty much shot. Why are boys so hard on furniture? Cleaned up a lot of junk and made more room for their bionicle stuff in the toy room. My brilliant plan worked. It settled a few arguments amongst the spawn and all was right and wonderful. We came home tired but triumphant.

The next day, the guys went camping. Oh happy day! And to add to the happy, we have a new movie rental place again. We were in deep mourning at the sudden loss of the old place. It was rather weird - upped and closed with hardly any warning. But the new one, different chain, opened like this week. Bonus!!! I cleaned the bathroom and it stayed clean longer than five minutes. I cleaned the kitchen and it was clean all evening. I finished a book I was reading and I watched the movies I rented.

It was nice. It was good. It needs to happen again real stinking soon.

The guys - including Jared - had a great time. They got back and cleaned up in time for us to have Kerri and fam over as we are discussing garage sale strategy. She may hate me as we have introduced her boy to Rescue Heroes.

I am so glad we are doing a garage sale with them because this way it will actually get done verses never. My Mom doesn't want me to sell anything until she goes through stuff. Again, this goes in hand with the never going to happen anytime soon.

What she don't know won't hurt her.

I did noticed that Hubs was a bit overwhelmed. He wanted to go through all the stuff to get rid of more and pretty much has run out of time. I told him we'll just get rid of what we know is going - goodbye Rescue Heroes - and worry about other stuff later like a moving sale. This seemed to rally him and I guess we're all good in the hood again.

At least we were until Hubby reminded me we need to go grocery shopping this week. This can not be happening. Buckle up passengers because it looks like another blur of a week is on the horizon.



Kerri said...

Rescue Heroes. Oh. Mah. Word. The child (and even word, the HUSBAND!) is already addicted. We're going to owe you $12,000.00.

Joanna said...

Hee hee! I take it the guys have been playing with stuff?