Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blogger Just Ate My Post

Believe me when I say my cuss jar is overflowing right now. Had a post, was all done and went to hit publish kerpow! Gone. I tried to see if it saved any of the stuff I had - nope only the first 2 paragraphs.

Son of a nut cracker.

I now have to rely on memory to retype my post? Yeah, you're now going to get the short version - we did stuff, the end.

Mad conspiracy going on, I tell ya.

We did get Nicholas' facebook back up and running. So he's quite happy about that. Actually I'm just as happy about it as he is because I make him send me stuff to complete whatever stupid mission I'm on for Frontierville. And if you rolled your eyes at me, I totally understand. I disgust myself.

I did mention that the weekend went waaay too fast. As in I sneezed and it was Monday. Where is the fairness of that, I ask you?

Auntie flo is still kicking my butt. It's been over a month. I now have the strength of a gnat which is safe to say zilch. There have been comments made about getting the uterus yanked out and why haven't I done it already. That is tricky because I know people that say both good and bad about it and my Mom and a few aunts all had problems. So I'm not in any hurry with getting on the yanking band wagon.

I did say the bright side is I won't be subjected to a vampire attack and at this stage I wouldn't even be a Scooby snack.

My humor is lost on people.

But everything has fallen on the guys to get done. I'll give Hubs some major kudos as he has stepped up to the plate big time. He's been cooking a lot of dinners as some days I can't stand for very long.

Saturday Hubby took the older 2 out to Guitar Center which is like taking a little kid to Chuck E. Cheese minus the food and all the freaky children trying to steal your tickets. I was able to drive J to a rental place and we rented Mario Bros game and then played with him for hours. Once the guys got back and we got them fed, Hubs took me out on a date. He said he was tired of cooking. Wha? Got the casserole blues? Bwhahaha! How does it feel??

I'm sure once I stop mocking him, he'll have a whole new appreciation for all that I do around here.

Actually he does. He feels bad. We've seen the doctors over the years and they don't know what to do other than yank out the organ. Some days that is very tempting. The not being able to pay for it is sort of a factor.

But we had a nice time just talking about stuff. We were sort of hoping that we would get some answers to a few questions. To say we are desperate for some answers in a lot of areas is an understandment. It's been frustrating to not get answers on anything. I am not a fan of hurry up and wait.

I did give him a really good laugh. Due to weakness, I can't hold up scissors which is probably the only reason why I didn't cut my hair. I would see my regular guy but he's 50 minutes away, I don't feel up to driving, and neither does my van. Plus I don't want to spend the money especially since I, um, already spent some money on ah, something new which hasn't arrived yet but will have to be another blog post.

I was trying to will myself to have the energy to get up and go get it done at a local place. But not having any energy and still wondering how much money should I spend left me feeling eh. Right at that moment, my Mom called. They want to come up later this week to go through more boxes of their stuff. Oh yippee. I was telling her my hair woes when she said she would cut my hair. Before you gasp in horror, she cut my hair for years. Years. It was only after a nasty fight and she almost scalped me is when I sought someone else out to cut my locks.

I asked Hubs if I should be near my Mom with scissors in her hand. I'm in no condition to fight her off, she would so kick my butt. Gives a whole new meaning to "I'll cut ya." Once Hubster stopped laughing, and believe me this took a while, he suggested I have her do it first thing before a fight breaks out.

Well, if I disappear, you'll know who to blame.

I guess this means I better try and clean the place a little bit. Oh mercy! I better hide that book about finding peace with your mom as that would stir up a hornets nest. This is going to sting enough as it is.


Kerri said...

{snort} not even a Scooby snack. You crack me up. I'm with Hubs... better get the sharp instrument usage out of the way pronto!!
<3 ya!

Julie said...

I hope you can get the cycle thing figured out. I COULD NOT stand having that long of a visit from AF, and would be yanking her motel for sure!!!


Joanna said...

Julie that was funny!

jubilee said...

I noticed that you had the tag, "Tales from the Pad." Sooooo funny!

Anonymous said...

Great post